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We head to Walt Disney World very very soon and have ended up going a little crazy the last month on buying things we need but of course I am and of course I picked up some awesome bargains along the way!

Primark bargains

Last week I picked up 2 £1 yes £1 tshirts which I was super proud of from Primark… talk about being in the right place at the right time…. a lady had literally just put the sign on the display and ladies just ended up coming from all directions and picking up anything and everything!

high street sale secrets

Sneaky Matalan sale

I mentioned this briefly in last weeks 5 frugal things blog post but last week I popped into Matalan and noticed a lot of handwritten numbers on various tags.  A lady very kindly told me this was for a sale that was going live the following day so what did I do??  Yes I DID end up nipping back the following day to get what I wanted at half bleeding price!  I picked up a couple of dressy vests because we intend eat at least once a day at a sit down restaurant rather than a quick service counter so I wanted something smart yet casual and cool.

Best value

I’ve resorted back to Asda …. not for everything mind but for their toilet roll…. yes you read right after all the issues we’ve had previously I’ve not caved yet and gone back to them for my actual food shopping but they’ve got me over a barrel with their toilet roll(!).  For the past couple of weeks I have been ‘testing’ a few cheaper toilet rolls out and to be honest they’ve all been rubbish compared to Asda’s Shades so I know now to not even waste my time going elsewhere for my loo roll and just pick it up from Asda whenever I pass.

I’d like to purchase a few more from different supermarkets before I make a full blog post on this but it is worth mentioning now that the two I haven’t been massively impressed with at all were Poundstretcher and Aldi’s … I bought both the cheapest they had available and both were pretty rubbish! My son even said the other day ‘Mum this toilet roll is hard’ hubby replied with ‘that’s because it’s proper toilet roll mate’ …. oops!

Seventeen Boots make up

On Tuesday I picked up some Seventeen make up I had ordered from Boots.  They were having an up to 80% off sale as I mentioned on my Instagram last weekend (if you don’t follow us go check us out!).  I ended up getting £15 worth of make up for just £4.50 and it’s actually REALLY good!  I didn’t realise but it’s Boots own brand which I reckon pretty much means its a cheaper version of No7 !!

Free Disney dining !

Albeit not wholly relevant to us as we haven’t been on THIS years Walt Disney World trip yet but this years free Disney dining is out NOW !!  It was released only yesterday for 2019 dates and has already been ridulously popular with soooo many people!  If you haven’t already read our blog post on how we got our onsite Walt Disney accommodation for free then you should very much go check it out asap!  The free dining is such an awesome way to stay onsite, save money and stay somewhere you may’ve never thought was ever going to be possible!  This year we are staying at Old Key West and I cannot wait!

I’m not sure yet if there will be a 5 frugal thing post for the next couple of weeks given I am away but I may have to do an Emma Drew and check out Dollar Tree and/or do an American version … you never know !!?

Thanks so much for reading!

Kirsty x


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