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This week has been very frugal…. well so I thought until I sat down to write this… maybe not!

This week we bought our third puppy…. far from frugal I’m sure you agree BUT we did pick up a fab little VIP puppy booklet from Pets at Home that’s given us 10% off our first puppy shop, a free bag of puppy food and so much more! If we hadn’t have taken him in last Friday to pick him up a harness and lead I’m not entirely sure if they would’ve told us about it but it’s certainly worth asking for now I’ve told you about it hey!?  This week also saw the benefits (yes there is actual benefits!) of me being such a hoarder! We’ve had to buy very little for Walter (our third dog!) because we kept pretty much everything including a cage, a bed, blankets from our other two so I guess thats being pretty frugal isn’t it!

Yesterday my eldest had to participate in a a mock wedding as part of his religious studies. Hubby wasn’t that keen.  I think in fact he was fuming that only a few weeks ago the council had fined us for taking the kids to Center Parcs for the week before Christmas yet today they have to pretend to get married???

Anyway I thought it was quite cute (if a little bit weird – totally wasn’t real but they had a legit vicar doing the ceremony!) but it’s managed to play a part in my frugal things for this week because we reused the suit my boy wore in my Dads wedding in October! I’ve been reading on Facebook all week so many parents asking if their boy can borrow a suit or the fact they’ve had to go out to buy shirts and the like and although everyone looked amazing like absolutely amazing; I imagine a fair few parents paid a fair wack to kit their kids out particularly the bride and groom!

My third frugal thing for this week was NOT to buy his fab lunch bag from Aldi… I love the colours soooo much but I resisted and after taking a photo for Instagram I walked away!

My fourth has to be the purchase of this cute skirt… although I know it’s cost me money but honestly it’s totally fine!  Including shipping and a pair of shoes too it came to just £12!  I love everything5pounds.com so much and when I receive their new stock email I’m tempted by the majority of stuff!

Lastly, I have to mention this week a new website that has been recently brought to my attention…. ohmydosh.co.uk and it’s 100% free to join.  You earn real money not points PLUS the opportunity to try before you buy too by part in free trials and completing offers that PAY YOU!  I have a dedicated blog post to make live very soon so you can read all about it there and a vlog review too but I just wanted to give you an cheeky quick hit money making recommendation on on this weeks #5frugalthings too!

Thanks for reading & be sure to go check out the ladies I mentioned at the very start of this #5frugalthings link up for more hints and tips on saving money ?

Speak soon!

Kirsty x


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