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So this week I did something a little crazy (no not got free food thats a regular occurrence with thanks to cashback app’s in particular tbh!) 😉 but something that did need doing; and although might seem frugal to some it might not seem as frugal to others….

British Gas HomeCare 400

We’ve paid for British Gas Homecare cover since we moved into the house (over 10 years ago!)… I dread to think how much it would’ve added up to in total what we have paid them and although I feel we probably have had our moneys worth AT THE TIME of each call out saving us needing to use an non existent(!) emergency fund; it’s now getting to the point that the last two times we have called them out they’ve mentioned that ‘this fix won’t come free again’.

If that’s the case, then what are we paying (or potentially paying!) £50+/month for and putting it into perspective over 10 years+ what we would’ve paid them in total we certainly wouldn’t have gotten out moneys worth no way!

Now usually I would’ve just left it running, yes I know not very frugal but to be honest it’s not even about the money it’s about me!  I’m currently going through a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that has shown to me that I’m too much of a ‘what if’ girl.  What if my central heating packs up?  What if my car runs out of petrol? What if I’m late? But realistically….. 1) is it going to be the end of the world and 2) how easy is it to solve the potential problem SHOULD it occur.

I’ve implemented a fair few things I’ve learnt at CBT but this I think has to be the biggest one yet and I am so proud…. we are going to put the £50/month into an emergency fund something as I’ve already mentioned is actually non existent at the moment.  But this month I may even treat myself for growing some balls and answering those what if demons !!  Go me !!


The other day we told the kids we were taking them to Disney World in just over 3 weeks time….. we did an Easter hunt and everything… it was so much fun even if we (no no no I’m not being a part of this…. as usually it would be me that would do this kind of thing!) HUBBY make a bit of a boo boo with regards to the spelling of the ‘surprise’ !!  You can watch the reveal below if you like that kind of thing…

Anyway yesterday we headed to Meadowhall to pick up some holidayyyyy clothes!  The kids being kids hated it until we went in Primark and asked them to choose what they would like to take to Disney 🙂 !

We may have gone a little crazy on sunglasses though…. we didn’t realise until we paid and the lady put them all in a bag by themselves that maybe we had bought too many but to be honest they are all absolute bargains!  I wear glasses every single day which can be a pain as far as sunglasses are concerned but I’m not a fan of the transition ones nor prescription sunglasses either because you don’t always want to wear sunglasses do you!?  I have some Raybans (totes second hand by the way… do I look the kind of person to pay that amount of money on myself !?) but I just get a little worried I leave them somewhere, drop them or scratch them so I have a feeling they will be staying at home and I will be proudly rocking my Primani glasses around Orlando this year!  Do you agree that we should do a family Primark sunglasses haul??

Weekly shopping

I’m doing myself proud as far as my weekly shopping is concerned guys… this week I headed to an Iceland Warehouse and oh my days there was soooooo much to choose from !!  I spent again just £40 this week on our weekly shop going to Iceland, Asda (grrrrr there will be a week I don’t HAVE to go there but there are certain things that we do prefer Asda over such as their orange and blackcurrant squash!) and our local greengrocers… I could do with this weekend going to our local butchers and stocking up on chicken which is £20 but given we have underspent the last couple of weeks its totally acceptable and will last a good couple of months too.

Mystery shopping (kind of!)

I haven’t done a mystery shop for quite a while and while I don’t necessarily have to report back to this specific company about how the food was or what the service was like that I received this was one of my best ‘undercover’ shop if you like for a loooong time!

I was tasked this week to head into a store and buy certain batch numbered Aunt Bessies potato croquettes … yes you read right!  AB wanted a certain batch off the shelves of Heron and Lidl I think it was due to a packaging error so when it popped up as a job on Red Wigwam I was well up for it!  I got paid £10 per visit AND if the packaging was the right packaging for what was in the bags then I too got to keep the food!  I have three more to go to today but yesterday although one out of the two I did in town had either sold out or someone had beat me too; another Heron had a ton and so I headed to the counter to pay for 10 bags of potato croquettes !!!

Check out Red Wigwam here and sign up now… you will receive notification of any jobs available in your area via email as and when they pop up… you never know you might be en route to Asda when one crops up for you to review some kids meals (that’s happened a fair few times to me put it that way!)

Birthday meal out!

Totally not intentionally frugal but don’t you love to hate that for birthday dinners out your kids choose to eat and are extremely excited to eat IN at McDonalds…..!  We asked my now 7 year old this week where he wanted to head for something to eat on his birthday.  We usually have rugby training on the day his birthday was but with it being Easter it had been cancelled so I let him choose… and guess where he chose….

So how frugal have you been this week?  I would love to hear in the comments down below and if you too would like to join in with us by sharing what frugal and thrifty things you’ve been up to this week – even it’s just a picture of one of your #5frugalthings over on Instagram  we’d love to see them!

You don’t have to share five things you’ve done though, anything thrifty or frugal that you’ve been working on would be perfect… small steps and all that!

Thanks for reading & be sure to go check out the ladies I mentioned at the very start of this #5frugalthings linky series for more hints and tips on saving money 🙂

Kirsty x


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  1. 31st March 2018 / 12:48

    Fab frugal week, yes yes yes to switching that £50 per month into your emergency fund and getting rid of the british gas cover.

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