What not to buy when getting a new puppy | #5frugalthings I’ve done this week….

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Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

We have been slacking a little on the YouTube front the last few weeks but did you see this past weeks two vlogs… I think that will pretty much show you exactly why our schedule has gone a little to pot over there during February!

But without all the crazy and stressful renovations going on though there would be no #5frugalthings this week because the only way we can do what we do is to be exactly that… frugal!

Zac’s bedroom is just about finished – there are just a couple of little things to complete but I wanted to show you this week what we’ve done with his cupboards.  These black Lack-style shelves were just £5 each from Ikea… yes £5 each!  It was a special deal about 10 years ago now, one of those ones where you walk it, the offer is staring right in your face and its not until you get to the car you think…. ‘oh jeez, why did we pick these up…. will they fit’ (oh and don’t get too excited and be already on your way to Ikea as I say this purchase wasn’t recent unfortunately it was before Zac was born I think!) but me being me I wanted to utilised what we already had before even looking at buying anymore of anything for that matter so when my eldest moved bedrooms (the first time!) my husband picked up a couple of plywood sheets from B&Q and made doors for the front of them turning them into cupboards.  We kept the shelves in one and popped in a rail in the other and made it a wardrobe. We painted the plywood blue and bobs your uncle…. a cupboard and wardrobe for probably less than £20 each!

Now we are moving bedrooms AGAIN!  Only this time my eldest has moved into the loft, meaning there was no way in which he could have or fit in there a tall traditional wardrobe – it just wouldn’t fit with the sloping roof so again we thought how can we utilise what we already have!?  We struggled in getting the cupboards up the next flight of stairs but did so and ended up papering over the blue with the wall Marvel paper we had put on his wall and wallah….. how amazing do these look!

Literally this time around all we used was a few off cuts on the paper we had already bought to decorate the whole wall and it again looks like a whole new wardrobe and cupboard!  It blends in so well too, fits perfect and we are all super super happy with them!

By the end of this week though it actually ended up being far from frugal…. and is probably partly why I’m clutching at straws to get to the #5frugalthings this week …. yesterday we got a puppy!!!!

Meet Walter….

He is sooo stinking cute, although he looks brown in the pictures he’s not like your regular fawn and white bulldogs you get and our older two but he is a classed as a lilac colour and when they’re all together you can really tell he’s got a greyer coat.

His eyes are the most beautiful colour I’ve ever seen and he has a rare light coloured nose too …. not only that but my house now smell of puppy!! Anyone who has had a puppy will understand that it’s not just any smell and that puppy breath too…. oh my days I am in so in love !!

What not to buy when getting a new puppy

Technically we have been extremely frugal still though because I feel getting another dog when you already have a dog isn’t that scary or expensive because chances are you have a lot of stuff already. We have reused blankets, a crate, bed (plus a bigger bed when he grows) and even my 3 year olds mattress protectors/bed mats that she no longer uses we are using as puppy training pads so I guess there’s number 3 for you this week…. don’t buy puppy pads just buy baby mattress pads!

x14 from Pets at Home are £6.49 whereas pick up some Little Angels from Asda for little more than half that price!!

I’m really trying hard with my self care … last week I had a make over for an article going in the paper in a few weeks (hopefully!) and I am not obsessed with Urban Decay glitter eye shadow and is something I am 100% going to look out for when I am in Florida next month.

The beast of the east is here at the minute though and today we have for the first time in about a week, the sun is coming out today so I’m hoping that horrible aftermath of the snowfall, the icey slush that just will not melt will hopefully clear up today…. number 5 of #5frugalthings this week being don’t be a tight ass and stick washing up liquid and water in your window washer tank….. it will freeze and you will not have window washers for 3 days… pick up some actually window wash that is effective to as low as you possibly can! It said it’s to have felt as low as minus 12 up in Hull this week and I’m not surprised it’s absolutely bitter..!!

And last but by all means not least & albeit not technically frugal & maybe just me having a midlife crisis but what do you think of my fake nose ring …. it was only a couple of pound from eBay and I’m loving it!

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Speak soon!

Kirsty x



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    Thanks so much for joining in #5frugalthings I loved your post

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    It’s been a cold week hasn’t it?

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