Any Claireabella bag fans…?

Please tell me there are some Claireabella fans out there people….

I saw this bags via Twitter the other week and oh my days how fabulous!! 

She does all sorts of things for holidays; neck rests, passport holders even suitcases!!! If you don’t already follow her go check her out @claireabellaltd

I have been tempted to get a small Halloween one done for Walt Disney Worlds MNSSHP but I know they give bags out anyway and I am anticipating ALOT of candy that night so I’m probably just going to make do with what they give me.

Although I don’t personally know her the founder of Claireabella is actually a lady who lives in our town and I’ve admired her work for a long time – I think being so local too I feel she is very inspiring and has done soooo good for herself getting Claireabella from where it was to where it is today. 

If you haven’t seen her bags yet then go check them out here they are sooo cute!!

Speak soon,

Kirsty x

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