Boots Seventeen make up…. I will miss you!

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In April I shared over on our Facebook group that Boots were having a huge 70% off their Seventeen make up range.

Well a few months have now passed and I’ve found out that the very beginning of the year Seventeen had announced they are selling off everything and shutting up shop!

I’m so saddened by this. Granted I’ve only just found the Seventeen brand but it is honestly one of my favourites!

What I ordered

I picked up a contour kit, eye liner pen, eyebrow pencil and loose powder for just £4 and collected for free from my nearest Boots store.

My favourite product has to be the contouring kit. I’ve never owned one before and I honestly thought it was just going to be cheap and nasty but it really isn’t. It has a step by step guide inside to tell you what to do where and it lasts me all day! The eyebrow pencil is the same… as long as it’s sharpe it goes on really well.

I haven’t worn the powder much to be honest but it seems ok same goes for the eye liner. One thing to note though it doesn’t come with an applicator (the powder) nor does the contour kit.

They are all still ridiculously low priced over on the website as I type so head on over to take a look.  Aust £1.80 for a contour kit AND on the 3 for 2 offer too what are you waiting for!? I’ve just ordered for collection 6 items for just £6.89!

I will miss you Seventeen!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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