Busy parents Christmas gift guide

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We all know someone who should maybe start looking after themselves a little more than they do everyone else; we all know that busy working Mum who hasn’t found the time over the past 3 days to wash their hair and we all know that exhausted shift working Dad who has no idea what day of the week it actually is or they go to work in the dark and returns home in the dark ….

Well my here’s my stocking filler gift guide for these people or even for yourself !!

Dry shampoo…. I rely on Batiste dry shampoo soooo much! Probably too much! But being a busy working mum believe me I NEED it! I specifically go for the one with a hint of colour to also cover my greys (I too don’t have the time to dye!) so this is a lifesaver!  Its only £1.98 at Superdrug at the moment too !

I am 31 and haven’t until recently relied on one item of skincare.  I’ve never moisturised, I wipe my minimal make up off using baby wipes and as long as I have my eyebrows on and some mascara; that’s me done for make up.  However for about a year now I have been using OLAY complete care daily UV cream  … which I absolutely love.  I don’t feel the need to wear any foundation or anything other than a little bit of blush maybe as it brightens and smooths my skin amazingly!  It probably came as a freebie in a ‘buy this get this free’ thing from Boots but I’m so bloody glad it did because it’s certainly my fave skincare product right now and it has SPF 15 protection too!  The Olay brand is ‘better than half price’ in Superdrug at the moment but I THINK this is more likely the actual cream itself and it’s just £3 at Wilko anyway!

Last week I was lucky enough to go to a photoshoot down in London where I had my make up and hair done PROFESSIONALLY!  I was ridiculously excited to be around all the Bobbi Brown, Mac and Naars make up but had to realistic that the only thing i could probably only afford was the L’Oreal eye make up remover!! I actually saw this in my local supermarket only the other night and very nearly picked it up – as I just mentioned I only use baby wipes to wipe my make up off but i’m like if this was good enough for a make up artist in London AND they sell it in my Asda ….. then I’m having some of that !!

As you know if you are a follower of our family vlogs over on YouTube I love my vitamins! And it might be a random stocking filler but if you know someone who is struggling to loose weight due to their love of sugar (errrrr totally me!!) or just want to cut down on the amount of sugar they are eating then pop into Holland and Barrett and pick up some Chromium.  It is really good in balancing out your glucose and has really cut out some of my sugar cravings.  Holland and Barrett always have offers on too – my last lot i got were on a buy one get one for 1p… their current offer is buy one get one half price so it’s a really good deal to stock up or get some where you are getting something else!

We have also trialed in the last few months a couple of medicines that are designed to give you more energy and help with tiredness.  Unfortunately, and I’m not going to lie, they didn’t do a massive amount to us HOWEVER that’s not to say they won’t for you.  We tried Pharmaton and Benenox recently and although we were expecting more from them both they are certainly worth a shot for that person who maybe could just do with a bit of help, that shift worker who has lost so much sleep due to work, that new mum who can’t remember the last time she closed her eyes – just be sure to read the box before you start taking them.  They aren’t cheap I will say that though but if they do work for you then amazing!

I’m not one that takes care of myself as I probably should however in the last couple of weeks, as you will have seen if you follow us on Instagram, we were sent some products from T-Zone to review and these are seriously good!  We got sent the charcoal face masks, some nose strips and some no shine wipes…. even hubby tried both the masks and the nose strips and they made my skin again feel sooooo good and refreshed!  I have always wanted to try these black face masks but like many, I really need to be prompted to take care of myself – it doesn’t come naturally for many reasons so I am really grateful to T-Zone for sending us out some products to try out and giving me a kick up the bum as I will now certainly be buying more!


This has to be the most awesome planner I have ever seen!  I have recently picked up this diary from Wilko as it was the only one I had found that included December 17 too but I have been looking for an actual planner for sooo long!  MummyDaddyMe over on instagram shared this amazing vlogging and blogging planner over on her InstaStories the other night and I am absolutely in love!

I am waiting for a sale though as I don’t need it right now and it’s not cheap but I have waaaay to much on at the minute and although it would help me massively with Vlogmas I just can’t even begin to introduce anything else to my day to day routine at the minute!  If you aren’t a blogger or vlogger then granted it will not be for you but DotCreates do sell a regular life planner too and the Calendar Club have so many family organisers in as well so theres certainly something for everyone out there!

I really hope this has helped – being part of a busy working family myself I know we can relate to so many of you so I do really hope it helps to give some useful christmas gift ideas if not for your own self care but for other peoples too…

Thanks for reading!
Kirsty x



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