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Calendar Club annual visit…. ✔️ done!

I mentioned a couple of months back how every year in the week or so before Christmas a rush run to a Calendar Club pop up stall is pretty inevitable …. well it’s 12 days ’til Christmas and we are all done….!!

….well as far as calendars gifts are concerned anyway!

This year we chose a Liverpool one for Z…

Given that H is absolutely princess mad right now she of course spotted the Disney Princess one and just would not let it go so she actually has her first ever calendar this year which is sooo cute!

I’ve mentioned previously that last year I got my Nan a large printed calendar which she thinks really is the bees knees so I managed to pick up another one of these this year (thank goodness!) – it’s awesome for someone who struggles with their eyesight.

I was also looking for a diary for me but I just couldn’t find one I liked… I’m not sure if i want a pocket style one for ease and that wouldn’t take up much room in my handbag and on the go or a bigger planner style one that would allow me to write pretty much anything and everything in there from work & school goings on, blog and vlog schedule/drafts etc…. what do you use? Has anyone got any recommendations? 

I did love the size and design of this Tinkerbell one tho!!

I will always remember my FUNfax I had when I was younger though not much could beat that…. I used to think I was a 10 year old business woman 😂😂 !! 

We always like to check out the Calendar Club stalls out and about every Christmas but if you haven’t one local or know exactly what you want you really should take a look on their website… they offer free UK delivery AND right now they have 20% off  when you buy two or more items. 

Do you, like us, tend to always have a calendar either on your list to Santa or on your must buy Christmas shopping list for someone….?

Speak soon


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