Calendar Club free delivery over £10!

Ok so please tell me we aren’t the only ones who in the rush week building up to Christmas HAVE to pay a visit to the Calendar Club because we have forgot someones 2017 calendar!!?

Alex of course without fail ends up with some half naked womans calendar that he puts on the inside of his wardrobe… he usually gives me at least an idea of the one he wants every year … he’s had Rosie Jones and Jorgie Porter I think over the years (not literally! He wishes! 😂) 

I don’t tend to get one to be fair but Zac last year got his first in the form of OF COURSE the WWE!

There are some craaaaazy calendars out there this year though …. 

Guinea Pig Games??

Cat Wars??

Brilliant though right 😂 hilarious! 

Last year I bought my Grandma one of these.  She has trouble with her sight and she comments regularly how fab this is! I think the actual one I got her is due in in the Autumn but it was defo like one of them already on there but less colour and more bold.

I didn’t realise they were an online shop too.. I know they have pop up shops nearer to Xmas but they also offer free delivery to your door on orders over £10… granted most calendars are £9.99 (typically!) but chances are, if like us, you will buy a couple as presents this year so why not start getting prepared now!?

Hope this helps


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