I quit my job to start my own business!

Yep you read right I am officially unemployed ….. well as far as the corporate world is concerned anyway!  I am still very much working; only I’m working for ME!  I quit my job to start my own business!!

I left my job to start my own business!

I’ve worked in a government agency for over 13 years and although I LOVED my job the environment has ended up being so toxic it’s was unhealthy.

I have spoken via our YouTube channel on how my mental health has been affected massively since having children and although yes having kids does mess with your head whether you like it or not with me often referring to still having baby brain; I never in a million years thought that my work place would make things 10 times worse:

  • I’ve been through 2 flexible working applications that were both refused and granted at appeal because the business had done things wrong.
  • I’ve missed out on opportunities because I’ve either been on maternity or worked part time.
  • I’ve been through an attendance review because I had tonsillitis caused by stress.
  • and even had CBT because I’ve thought everything that I’ve gone through at work was all me and in my head!

November 2017 I started my journey on CBT;  it opened my eyes massively and was so good to speak to someone other than a friend who is going to make you feel better because thats what they are there for or a husband who tells you to just tell them to fu*k off 😉 (there were times I was close!).

My CBT lady was a psychologist; some one professionally qualified to tell me no that’s really not right or no it’s not just you being silly.  I knew things weren’t right and that the things I were feeling weren’t normal but I just needed that someone to tell me that!

In January I decided I wanted to really make a go of my blog.  I didn’t want to stay there but I felt I couldn’t leave and that there wouldn’t be anywhere else with the flexibility I had fought tooth and nail for for years and now felt trapped.  I wasn’t staying for me I was staying for everyone but me.

February, I think it was, I signed up for a 1:1 blog coaching with the wonderful Lynn James at Mrs Mummypenny.

In addition to helping me with my blog & pricing my work accordingly she also planted the seed of the possibility of using the skills that I already had, skills that I had acquired over the past 14 years.

Over the next couple of months we built up a really good friendship.  I had 30 days follow up after my coaching and sent her over pitches, went to her for advice and found we really got on.

Just before I went away in April I started helping Lynn out with the SEO of her blog posts and website and the rest is history as they say!  It was approx 6 months to the date I plucked up the courage and got that coaching call that I put my notice in at my corporate job!  I still can’t believe it either!

I was determined at the beginning of this year to get out of that hell hole and do something for me… and I went and did it!  I didn’t put a time span on it either… it just all seem to happen in 6 months!

I will be forever grateful to Lynn for planting that seed… it’s something I have done for so many years, general administration, running my own businesses solely on social media platforms, my blog, vlog…. but when something is right in front of your eyes you don’t always see it do you… I needed that someone to shake me and say LOOK it’s right there!  Lynn did just that!

The date I put my notice in was 6 months to the date that I and the rest of my team were told to go on a resilience training.

I explained to my manager that I didn’t want to; not in a uncooperative or negative way but explained I didn’t want it to in anyway to effect my CBT I was at that time also having.  I was being told to do and think a certain way by a trained professional; I didn’t want to then be told something completely different by someone far from a professional, someone basically just wanting to get a ‘over achieved’ tick in their appraisal box at the end of the year with no expenses spared for peoples mental health.

At the end of the training we were asked to write down in 6 months time where would you want to be.  We were encouraged to take from the course to achieve just that…. well here was mine…

I've left my job.... to run my own business!

So that’s me done as far as working in an office is concerned though; no more stressing about things I have absolutely no control over, no more paranoia over what my manager thinks of me when the school call because one of my children is poorly and needs picking and ultimately for my health; no more bullying, discrimination or making me feel like I can’t be myself.

I now run betteryourblog.co.uk who specialise in providing virtual assistance to fellow bloggers and vloggers.  I optimise blog posts to gain them higher rankings in Google, I get posts to the point of publish (without writing them of course… that’s their job!) 😉  as well as doing Pinterest and social media management, newsletters and so much more!

I also offer my services out to businesses and non bloggers via hldnmedia.net and help companies with marketing, social media management and any other form of admin work that maybe required.

You will be seeing so many more posts over on here and our vlogging channel because I now have the time to do so instead of being out of the house working for someone else for 3 full days a week, getting home, stuffing my face with chocolate feeling sorry for myself & putting on a ton of weight.. that wasn’t helping my mental health at all… but this my friends is!

If you got value out of this post or you feel someone else may benefit then feel free to share!

Thanks for reading!



My top 5 FREE YouTuber tools

We have been ‘YouTubers‘ for over 5 years now….. wow that’s crazy! We are nearly upto 1 million views over there and mainly share our Disney videos. We were in fact one of the very first to the party with our Disney vlogs.  5 years on we’ve loved and learnt so much and are still very much sharing all our Florida trips over there as well as venturing in ever so often, weekly even daily vlogging during October’s vlog-tober and December’s vlogmas in particular.  If you too want to jump on the vlogging bandwagon then you’ve come to the right place…. I’m here today to share with you my top 5 free YouTuber tools!

The best FREE YouTuber tools



We have used PicMonkey since customised thumbnails started being ‘a thing’ to accompany your video. Pic Monkey is a tool that actually costs now to download and save your created design but you don’t need to! TIP; screenshot it and if necessary crop it and there you have it…. your thumbnail!


Canva is something I actually have a paid account for however it’s not for YouTube purposes it’s for my Virtual Assistant business.  Free Canva is a great tool to have as you can make soooooo many templates from thumbnails to promotional images for Facebook, Pinterest and so much more!


Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is an extension to YouTube that again you can pay for if you want to but the free version is ideal. It gives you hints and tips to optimise each and every individual video. It does this by suggesting the tags you should use, best practice SEO audit and even the opportunity to see what tags other YouTubers are using on their videos.

My top 5 FREE YouTuber tools


Morning Fame is a similar program to Tube Buddy in that it gives your hints and tips to optimise each and every video.  It sends me through an email after 24 hours of every single video to tell me how it’s doing, where it’s ranking using the tags I’ve used and how my thumbnail is competing against other similar ones.

I REALLY love Morning Fame!  I’m still on the months trial but chances are I will sign up once thats finished for sure.  It’s so informative!  It’s invite only so you can only sign up with a link… https://morningfa.me/invite/jl42w917

Video editing

iMovie or Movie Maker

I started with Movie Maker and looking back I can’t believe how rubbish it is.  It IS however free!  It’s on all Windows PC/Laptops and if you’ve never ever attempted to edit a video before it will do exactly what you need it to do.  Once you get a little more advanced you may want to seriously consider looking for another programme but as I’ve already mentioned it’s FREE!

iMovie on the other hand, again free, is just out of this world in comparison.  I’m sure if you were to compare iMovie to a paid for video editor then it wouldn’t probably compare to that but it does everything you want it to do and so much more (once you know how!).  The best investment I made to further my channel and make better videos was to get a iMac and since using iMovie my vlogs have dramatically improved (as has the time it takes to edit a video too!)


YouTube audio library

Yes I realise that is 6 but there’s an extra one for you! Chances are if you are a YouTuber you will already know about this!  There are other music libraries available, majority you have to pay for, but this one is free!

So there you have it; my top 5 FREE YouTuber tools to help either start your channel or grow you existing channel.

Apart from camera equipment and an iMac we haven’t invested in anything to help build our channel.  There are things to buy, programs to purchase, software to download, apps to try but at the time of writing this post we’ve not bought anything and use everything mentioned above.

If you got value out of this or feel it would be something a friend would love to read too then feel free to share!

Thanks so much for reading!

Kirsty x