Good Money by Nathalie Spencer review | How to understand your choices & boost your financial wellbeing

I’ve never gone out to look into the scientific reasons behind how we think of money; I thought I knew why I was like I am with money (past experiences!).  But reading Good Money by Nathalie Spencer, a behavioural scientist, has truly blown my mind!  Now I’m actually really interested and have a much better idea of the science behind how I think about, use and manage my money!  Read on for my Good Money by Nathalie Spencer review and how it can help you understand your choices and boost your financial wellbeing.

Good Money by Nathalie Spencer| How to understand your choices & boost your financial wellbeing

I don’t read many books to be fair because I don’t actually like page after page of words.  I like graphics to break it up and Good Money uses a unique, visual approach to uncover the science behind how we think about, use and manage money and guides you to a wiser and more enjoyable relationship with your finances.

The book has 5 parts with a total of 20 lessons to get you thinking about;

  • Money and us
  • Money in the day to day
  • Resilience
  • Long term planning
  • Better with money

At the end of each of them there is a toolkit that help you track what you’ve learnt through each section of the book. They also include links to further reading, podcasts and videos that can give you more information on each specific category should you need it.

Do you know where you are you on the tightwad-spendthrift scale?

Nope I didn’t have a clue either but it was one of the first things I did when I came to the end of Money and Us!

I have always known I was quite sensible with money. Nathalie talks about the effects of a one off change that maybe shortlived as we become accustomed to changes in our situation. I can 100% relate to this!

I’ve wrote a post previously on the reasons we chose to stay in our current home and extend rather than move house. One of the reasons for that was that although on paper we could afford a bigger house… but could we actually afford a bigger house??

So many people see the figure of their dream house and the mortgage calculator giving them a ‘yes’ but there are so many questions that need to be answered before you commit. This book really makes you think about EVERYTHING!

I think Money in the Day to Day has to be my favourite lesson.

I don’t necessarily feel I have an issue with taking control of my finances, in fact I probably do it too much(!) but I know so many do. If you’re one that just bury’s their head in the sand when it comes to managing money then this section of the book will help you massively.

Good Money by Nathalie Spencer| How to understand your choices & boost your financial wellbeing

I also thought I was already pretty good at getting good value for money but this section really made me think about it even more… just because a tag has 50% off doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth it!

Money Matters talks about the things you probably don’t actually WANT to hear but things that a lot of people HAVE to hear!

The section on dealing with debt is so informative to read from a behavioural scientific point of view. There are things in there that I have never ever thought about and it really put things into perspective.

“Different debt repayment strategies have different benefits. Some have financial gains, others might have motivational gains.”

Then I arrived at ‘Retirement ready?’…. no I am not!

I don’t know what I have in my pension.. I’m ‘only’ 32, I know I ought to start thinking about it but I don’t particularly want to!

Retirement is distant… maybe the books scientific explanation is the real reason why I don’t want to think about it yet??

Better with money

The final section of the book talks about financial well-being & how it’s not necessarily about scrimping, scraping and sacrificing but rather how you can enjoy spending your money and encourages you to set goals.  It was this section of the book that also confirmed my thoughts on how buying myself some time and hiring a cleaner is such a good idea!!

Good Money by Nathalie Spencer| How to understand your choices & boost your financial wellbeing

Money Matters is such a easy read with plenty of graphics along the way to help you visualise what is being talked about in each lesson of the book.

There are some really inspirational quotes and it’s actually made me think more about how I’d actually enjoyed reading into the psychological side of managing your money and not only how it affects me but how it affects other people and how the things that I do could possibly help them too.

Wherever you are on the spectrum; whether you’re a ‘tightwad’ or ‘spend thrift’, whether your in debt or have money spare each month; this book is for EVERYONE and I can not recommend it enough.

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Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House review | Walt Disney World Resort

As part of our ‘Disney-moon‘ and before departing on our first ever Disney Cruise we decided to splash out and book a deluxe hotel (or two!) for a couple of nights during the third week of our Orlando stay. We chose both Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary and a savannah room at Animal Kingdom Lodge. So I’m here to share with you today our Animal Kingdom villas Jambo House review.

Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House review | Walt Disney World Resort

It was day 15 of our three week stay; the rest of our party were leaving that day so we packed up with them, took our bags to Animal Kingdom Lodge super early and headed on into a park.

At the resort the bell man welcomed the bags and said they’d hold them until check in. At that stage our room hadn’t been allocated yet so they told us to drop by when we came back from the park and they’d bring the bags up.

Unless we were to ever resort hop again it’s unlikely we would ever have to experience using bell services as we usually land in the afternoon and head straight to our room so this was very new to us and really weird to check in so early!

We arrived and asked the bell man to bring our bags up before making our way up to the room. After a bit of a delay (which wasn’t ideal to be fair as we had another hire car to go collect!) we got our bags, went for our car and headed back to the resort to check out more of our room (5310).

We had already looked around the resort on a previous trip which is why we booked it because it’s so beautiful but looking around as a non guest is not the same as being a guest!

We were little bit in awe of the room. The view was amazing, the decor of the room beautiful… we had never stayed in something so posh as you can probably tell from the vlog at the very end of this post!!

Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House review | Walt Disney World Resort resort

The room

The room itself was a studio. It had a small kitchenette and a balcony (both of which was amazing particularly if you have children). If you have the opportunity to stay in a room with a balcony; that extra space where you can just step out side and grab some fresh air is a god send as we found also when we stayed at Old Key West.  It had a small refrigerator and a microwave which helped massively with my baby particularly with regards to bottles and keeping milk cool.

It was a lovely size too as you will have seen in the vlogs. The settee came out as another bed, my youngest was in a ‘pack and play’ which is what us Brits call a travel cot and there was really ample space.

The other thing which was pretty awesome was that we had a savannah view… we overlooked grazing zebra, giraffes and gazelles roaming free.

Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House review | Walt Disney World Resort

It was quite late when we got back that first night but we were super hungry so Hubby nipped downstairs and brought back a kind of DIY room service?! He went down to The Mara, a quick service restaurant located not far from the pool area, and brought some food back to the room.  Nothing special and probably didn’t help the fact that hubby had trekked the Sahara (slight exhaduration there!) to bring it back to the room.

We didn’t dine at any of the restaurants on property but that’s because they weren’t really our cup of tea. They are extremely popular and apparently delicious. If we weren’t such a picky family we would’ve gone 100%!

It’s the only thing I didn’t like about the resort it’s very big. It was quite a walk from the room to the pool, or the restaurants. From experience a lot of the pools at Disney resorts require a walk. The only one we’ve stayed in so far that doesn’t was Bay Lake Towers where we literally took the elevator down to the ground floor and walked out the back.

We did obviously check out the pool; I mean we had to it was massive!! It was our first experience of a Disney pool and it didn’t disappoint. The slide was small enough for my then 4 year old and the size of the pool meant although the resort is really big you wouldn’t have thought it with the amount of people in the pool.

Animal Kingdom Villas Jambo House review | Walt Disney World Resort resort

Would we go back to Animal Kingdom Lodge?

This is a tough one because it’s a beautiful resort and usually comes out as the cheapest deluxe resorts in quote but I don’t think we would rush back.

We wouldn’t ever eat in the onsite restaurants, the walk from our room to our car in the car park is quite a hike and for us it’s just that little bit far out.

It’s located near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park which is the furthest park in to Walt Disney World so you do find yourself passing everything before you get there. For us it’s just that tiny bit too far out and we know now having stayed at Old Key West that we’d much prefer the be located more centrally.

The only downside though is the location and that it’s a little bit too big I feel. But it’s an absolutely beautiful resort in the most amazing setting.

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Below are a few vlogs from our check in day and pool day too should you want to have a watch!

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Post cruise day room review of Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

Hyatt Regency is the hotel that is based at the centre of Orlando International Airport.  To us and so many it’s the point of no return… you’ve arrived in Orlando!  Unless of course you’re leaving but if you are why not consider on your last day booking a day room at the hotel?  It keeps that Florida feeling going just a little longer and you’re on the doorstep of your plane home!  We did just that on one of our previous trips and it was such a fab end to the holiday!  Keep reading for our post cruise day room review of Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.

Post cruise day room review of Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

We docked from our last Disney Cruise at Port Canaveral around 7am in the morning.  We knew it wasn’t ideal with small children not really having a base or anywhere to go until our flight at 6:30 that evening so we decided to book a day room at the Hyatt.

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport day rooms review

You must give them a call to book the day room – there is no option on their website at the time of typing to book it online unfortunately and you’ll be looking around the $90-100 mark for the day.  It’s not cheap but one affordable luxury especially with children.

The room was a standard room that overlooked the centre of the airport.  There were rooms that overlooked the runway but I can’t see these being the ones that they use as a day room.

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport day rooms review

Our room just had a king bed if I remember rightly which again was fine for us.  A simple but clean, modern room with a large bathroom (why I took no pictures I’ll never know but just trust me on this one!). I felt a little mean just sitting on the bed as we were only there for a couple of hours!  I didn’t want them to think we had slept in it and had to remake the bed etc so we just people watched from the balcony that overlooked the airport atrium.

I don’t feel we can really comment on the noise levels unfortunately as we didn’t even attempt to sleep to be fair but once the doors were shut on the balcony you could just hear sound.  Nothing really loud; it was just noise.  You are in the middle of a ridiculously busy airport so it’s not going to be silent!  I would be able to sleep no problem but if you are a light sleeper ask which they think would be quieter.  Again not sure what it would be like at the other side of the hotel that overlooked the runways as it was not only the aircraft you could here but also the wind!  They may all be the same and during the day is bound to be busier than on a night so it might be absolutely fine!

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport day rooms review

One thing I wish we had prepared for was the pool area!  It overlooked the runways and looked amazing!  There was a hot tub as well and because chances are everyone will be paying a flying visit at all different times of the day it wasn’t busy at all.

There are two restaurants within the hotel however there are TONS more eateries within easy access within the airport food court itself.

The only disappointing thing we found with the hotel was the parking.  There was NOT enough parking.  I’m not sure if it was just hotel guests that could park in there or it was a short stay car park but we felt we were driving around FOREVER!

We decided to head to the Florida Mall too for lunch and encountered a few issues leaving/returning.  Something to do with ticket we had been given (or not given!) by reception.  Just make sure you let them know on check in you may be leaving (even if you don’t) and you won’t end up stuck at the gates to exit the car park trying to explain to an attendant that you have paid and are staying in the hotel (but have nothing to show for it!).

One thing we all loved about this hotel was the views.  It was a little depressing seeing the arrival of the Disney Magical Express coming to pick guests up who have just arrived but wherever you looked (apart from down!) was jaw dropping.  This, I think(!), is the same location the Disney Cruise Line bus would pick up too.

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport day rooms review

This picture gives you a good idea of location of the hotel too – you are literally above everything you walk through in the airport.  The two ‘train tracks’ (tram lines!) to the left and right are the monorail style trains that take you to and from your aircraft.  You can see what was probably our Virgin plane to the right of the picture too.

We LOVED the Hyatt Regency room – it wasn’t cheap as I mentioned but something that made travelling with children soooo much easier and there’s no need to use shuttles to and from other hotels with bags and kids in tow because you are already just steps away from your plane!

So if you are arriving late or leaving late seriously consider the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport … you won’t regret it!

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Top 5 reasons to visit Ohana restaurant at Polynesian Resort | Walt Disney World Resort

‘Ohana is located on Disney property within the Magic Kingdom resort area that we have been to numerous times.  We are drawn to it for numerous reasons and although on our most recent trip we didn’t have the best experience at dinner; breakfast has never disappointed.  Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Ohana restaurant on your next trip to Walt Disney World.

It’s not located in a park so if you have no intentions of visiting the theme parks but you want a character breakfast then this is one of many places to find just that!  It’s free to park too just tell the guard on the gate you have a reservation and they will let you in.  The fact that it’s NOT in a park and anyone can dine there I cannot recommend making a reservation enough… it’s EXTREMELY unlikely you will get a walk up reservation or if you do you will have to wait a while!

Breakfast at ‘Ohana is the best place to guarantee a meet and greet with Lilo and Stitch.  If you’re going to come across them anywhere else then it’s likely to be Animal Kingdom but it might just be by chance that they pop up or walk straight past you.  My daughter loved dressing up as Moana given it’s Polynesian themed dining but there were many children dressed up as Lilo too which was cute!

It’s an ‘all-you-can-eat come-to-your-table’ style buffet.  If you are dining with children then it’s the one of the best style buffets you can get on property!  It just means instead of having to go up and sort your kids food out before your own or having to leave the kids at the table while you get yours; they bring everything to your table.  AND you can ask for someone specific if you don’t want certain things.  We just wanted more potatoes, sausages and bacon last time so our server brought exactly that.

Top 5 reasons to visit 'Ohana | Walt Disney World Resort

You have an amazing view of the Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom castle.  We have eaten at ‘Ohana in the evening too!  If you time it right and get a decent table you can watch the fireworks whilst eating your dinner.  They can’t guarantee you will get a good view but the atmosphere is lovely in an evening with live music and interactive games for the kids.  There are NO character interactions in the evening though.

Top 5 reasons to visit 'Ohana | Walt Disney World Resort

Stitch waffles!!!  You will not get Stitch waffles anywhere else and again you can ask for more!!

Top 5 reasons to visit 'Ohana | Walt Disney World Resort

Things to note:

  • 1 table service credit is required from your Disney Dining Plan (& tips are not included!)
  • Ask which alcoholic beverages are included for free (1 per adult) in your Dining Plan – there will be a menu there but not all will be included.
  • Breakfast is served from 7.00am ’til 12 noon

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Chamas vs Estabulo | comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

Chamas vs Estabulo

Hubby & I have been to Beverley so often these last couple of weeks….. probably more often than we we have in our whole lives put together! Beverley, located north of Hull, is home to our only two all you can each buffet style Brazilian restaurants. I’m here to share with you our opinions of both.   Chamas vs Estabulo … how do they compare to each other?

Chamas vs Estabulo | comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

We LOVE all you can each buffets; aside from the fact we are greedy sods we love the value for money you get at these style restaurants.

Adult Prices

Chamas offers their lunch menu between 12-5pm and is priced at £15.95. Estabulo do the same only it’s between 12-4pm but is priced cheaper at £14.95. Dinner at Chamas between 5-10pm is £27.95 with vegan price at £24.95. Estabulo between 4-10pm is cheaper at £24.95 with their vegan price astonishingly cheaper at £12.95.

Both offer vegan menu at lunch time which is £15.95 and £9.95 respectively… again quite a big difference!

comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

Children’s prices

Kids eat free at Chamas if under 5 whereas they eat free at Estabulo under 4.

Children aged 5-8 at Chamas are priced at £7, with 9-12 being £12.

Estabulo is cheaper for children at just £5.50 between 5-8 and £10.50 between 9-13 however these prices are lunch only.

Both restaurants children’s prices are whether you eat from the lunch menu and between lunch times or the dinner menu.


Chamas allows each table a sitting time of 1 hour 45 minutes. Estabulo’s sitting is 2 hours and 15 minutes making it, for me, a little bit more relaxing I feel.


The salad bar is a lot bigger at Chamas than it is at Estabulo. There are a lot more variety as far as the sides are concerned.

At Estabulo you get the choice of 8 meats at lunch and 15 at dinner whereas Chamas offer more at lunch with 10 meats and 15 at dinner (+ pineapple!)

comparing Rodizio Bar & Grill’s in Beverley

Which did we prefer….?

Honestly…. restaurants were pretty much the same. We can’t say we preferred one to the other as far as the food was concerned.  Both are really really good.  Really tasty, really nice atmospheres and make a really lovely date night or evening with friends.

That being said we did seem to get more from Estabulo. Chamas was just a slither of meat but were quite busy when we arrived; Estabulo visit was at the opposite time to be fair… mid week and quite late which is probably why we ended up with big chunks of meat as they were coming to the end of the night.  Estabulo also asked if we wanted anything specific and cooked us some more fillet steak specifically.  I have absolutely no doubt if  you want more meat (or less even!) you can ask for it … I did exactly that on when the sausage came out at Chamas!  So whichever one you go to neither will hesitate  in catering for your needs.


Pricewise Estabulo comes out top by a mile particularly with regards to the vegan options. Chamas’ limited sitting times doesn’t necessarily make you as relaxed as it should when dining out but I can see why they have it because it is a small restaurant.

Estabulo offer the military and public service workers 10% off from Sunday to Thursday which is a nice touch. They also offer 2 for 1 on cocktails for everyone from Sunday to Thursday which is nice too AND currently have a discounted midweek lunch menu at just £9.95.

Estabulo also offer a fish option too; lunch and dinner is priced the same at £15.95 and you get a fish dish freshly prepared and brought to your table AND the all you can eat meat option too.

Estabulo is again cheaper as far as drinks are concerned too but they are a chain with multiple restaurants around the country so that would help with being competitive as far as prices are concerned. Chamas is a small independent restaurant which in my opinion makes me feel that although I am paying more I am supporting a small local business which I do like to do.

Estabulo have a bar in close proximity to the dining area meaning you grab yourself a drink and then go to your table.  They allow you to drink draft beer/lager at your table too whereas Chamas don’t.  Chamas do also have a bar but they only allow bottled beer downstairs in the seating area and the bar is located upstairs.

I’d love to hear what you thought of either restaurant if you’ve been… drop me a comment down below!

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Tusker House Restaurant review | Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant tends to be one of the few dining spots in Walt Disney World that we constantly return to.  We do like to try new things every time we visit but we can’t help being drawn to the variety and fabulous character interactions of this beautiful restaurant.  Read on for my Tusker House Restaurant review:

Tusker House Restaurant review | Animal Kingdom


On our most recent trip we had a later than normal reservation around 9:30am; we arrived in the park just after 8am which allowed us to do some of the big more popular rides as walk ons.  By the time our breakfast reservation came around the park was in full swing and queues had already started to get busier as the park opened to the general public.

Which characters?

Tusker House is a character breakfast based in the Africa section of the theme park.  Character present (as of May 18) for breakfast, lunch and dinner are Mickey, Donald, Daisy & Goofy and but it is ultimately a Donald hosted safari breakfast.

Variety of food

The thing that keeps bringing people back to Tusker House is not only the ability to see 4 of the main characters in one place (without queuing!) but also the variety of the food; I would be very surprised if there is any other buffet style character meal with a bigger variety of food – I know all the places we’ve been so far there hasn’t!  Seeing is believing though so i’m not even going to try and describe the kinds of things they have on offer check out some of my pictures below…

Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom


Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant | Animal Kingdom

I could honestly be here all day posting pictures but feel free to check out my Animal Kingdom vlog from that day at the bottom of this post to see the layout and plenty more food options!

Although it has an African twist to the food there is something for everyone.  I am one thats not very adventurous with my food but if there’s someone that is don’t worry… you will still get your Mickey waffles, sausage patties and cereal if you’d prefer.

The salads are unreal, the fruits… everything!  Honestly the variety is crazy they even have Jalapeño corn bread… seriously!!

And the drinks…. besides being able to get an alcoholic beverage on the Dining Dining Plan now (which we took full advantage of… well hubby did!); Tusker House is the only place you can get jungle juice and it is amazing!  They actually also have it on the Disney Cruise Line but not many people know about that so it is technically available elsewhere but not on Walt Disney World property…. you must try (in fact you get no choice they pour it for you as you’re being seated at your table!) 😉

Tusker House Restaurant review | Animal Kingdom

Because this is one of the few character breakfasts with the ‘bigger’ characters at AND it’s at the lower end of the scale as far as monetary value is concerned; it does get booked up very quickly.

Character interaction is very good too.  Similar to ‘Ohana they welcome your children and with open arms and dance around the restaurant (leaving you to eat your breakfast in peace for all of 2 minutes!)

I think its fair to say I would recommend this restaurant.  We wouldn’t go back pretty much every trip if I didn’t rate would we… you must get it on your ‘Disney to do list’!

Things to note:

  • You must have a theme park admission; the restaurant is located within a Walt Disney World theme park.
  • 1 table service credit is required from your Disney Dining Plan (& tips are not included!)
  • Ask which alcoholic beverages are included for free (1 per adult) in your Dining Plan – there will be a menu there but not all will be included.
  • Breakfast is served from 8.00am ’til 10.55am

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Is the new iPhone X worth it?

Everyone I speak too has a different opinion on this question; those that don’t have it can’t wait to get it, those that know someone that has it doesn’t want one, some that have it don’t like it while others absolutely love it!  So why is there such diversity over a phone? So here’s my opinion..

…is the new iPhone X worth it?

Is the new iPhone X worth it?

Last month Three very kindly provided me and my family with a loan phone to take away to Florida.  They had asked us if needed any assistance with any technology for our trip. Because we are both bloggers and vloggers… technology is pretty much our middle name right!?  So they very kindly sent us over a brand spanking new iPhone X to try out.

First impressions…

Beautiful phone.  100% the best looking phone I’ve seen…. no I wasn’t attracted to the phone (ok maybe a little!) but having to revert back to my phone was very much a turn off!  It now just seems just so boring and ancient!  The X was very modern and without even turning it on seem very high-tech!

Having no home button on the bottom of the phone I absolutely loved!  The screen was obviously bigger, clearer and it did take a bit of time to get used to it to be honest.  The swiping effect was good but I struggled to close down apps… and I will be honest I was quite frustrated with it at times.

Even when we got back we still didn’t 100% have the full hang of it so it’s totally ok if it too takes you time.  I like to think I am quite up to speed with technology and pick things up quite quickly… put it this way I felt like my Mum at times!  Just because it was so different though, not because it was rubbish just because the iPhone has had such a big change and made a massive leap into the future… totally good different even if I did feel twice my age at times learning something new!

Battery life

Brilliant – so much better than my existing iPhone and the camera just amazing!  We took it on rides with us to film as you will be able to see over in our YouTube videos.  Unless you knew what camera we were using there will be parts that you cannot tell the difference between the iPhone X and my Canon G7x Mark II.  Especially when there is music over it… there is a slight difference in sound but thats to be expected it’s a phone not a camera!  But absolutely none visually.  You can see more of my photos taken with the X over on my Instagram.


I do have one pet peeve that was not my friend on holiday… the face ID.  It was extremely frustrating and the only reason for that was because for the majority of time in Florida I had sunglasses on and it didn’t recognise me so wouldn’t unlock!  Super annoying!

That was probably the only thing I disliked about it though.  Everything else I LOVED but is it worth the money?

If I was to upgrade today Three would charge £54/month, £99 upfront cost and that would be for the smallest GB in storage too.  In my opinion if you are wanting this phone chances are you are wanting it for all the amazing features including camera and video – I know thats why I would want it.  So to upgrade to 256GB is only another £6/month which I think is really ok to be honest.  I mean it’s still ALOT of money and you would probably be able to get it cheaper per month by paying more upfront but do I feel like it’s worth it?

I think it IS worth it.  Apple have gone all out on this phone they really have.  It’s super and it’s truly technology at it’s absolute finest.

I am not going to lie though you will get mad with it!  It is a very frustrating phone but I think that’s just because it’s so hi-tech, new and modern.

I can’t help but laugh at people when I see them screaming at it; not only about the swipe issues, the not recognising your face in sunglasses but also the fact it overheats.  Now I didn’t have that issue with mine even in Florida so I’m not sure what that’s all about but there are bound to be some teething issues… just make sure you are insurance because it would cost a bit to replace and fix this beauty I’m sure!

I’d love to hear what you think if you too have an iPhone X.. leave me a comment down below and let me know what you love and what you don’t!

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Best Magic Kingdom restaurants | The Crystal Palace character Breakfast review

This was one of many ‘first time’ restaurants for us this Walt Disney World trip. We have never eaten before at Crystal Palace not through choice but more through ignorance….!  We only ever realise it’s there when we walked past it and see people queuing to get in so this year being on the Disney Dining Plan we decided to check it out.  Here’s our review of one of the best Magic Kingdom restaurants;  The Crystal Palace character breakfast.

Best Magic Kingdom restaurants | Crystal Palace character breakfast

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

The Crystal Palace restaurant is located at the top of Main Street USA near Cinderellas castle and just past Casey’s Corner; we opted for an all you care to eat breakfast buffet and it didn’t disappoint.  We joined Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger for their friendship day celebration as well as helping ourselves to as many Mickey waffles as we could stomach…. #bestdayever!

We had an 8:20am reservation meaning we were able to get into the Magic Kingdom theme park at 8am. Unfortunately so could everyone else including those with a breakfast reservation at the very popular Be Our Guest so there were no cute empty Main Street photos unfortunately. Disney were actually filming something to be fair so even if we weren’t all being ushered towards our destination through the shops we wouldn’t have been able to stop and take any photos anyway.

We checked in, waited less than 5 minutes and headed into the restaurant. The environment was lovely – it’s truly beautiful inside.  I mean it’s lovely from outside too but it really is so open, bright, green and pretty inside too and offers table service too.

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

What is a Disney table service restaurant?

A table service restaurant usually means food service is served to the customer’s table by waiters and waitresses, also known as “servers” however as I’ve already mentioned this was an all you care to eat buffet meaning that although we had to go up to get our food ourselves; there was so much on offer and as always Disney offers a separate serving area for children.

They are allowed to eat from anywhere to be fair (I regularly pinch the kids tater tots!) but this specific area is lowered and is ideal for small children to just help themselves instead of having to rely on their parents.

Although the server didn’t serve our food they were on hand with unlimited drinks and cleared away out plates promptly to go get some more food whenever we wanted.

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

The selection of food

Now I didn’t think there was a MASSIVE choice of food here but it was different to anywhere I had been before.  I mean Pooh’s toast for goodness sake (was not my kind of thing for breakfast but you certainly won’t get that anywhere else on property!).  I wouldn’t say it is the best character dining at Disney World per se but for sure one of the best in Magic Kingdom.

All on site breakfasts are similar, if you aren’t that adventurous like me then you will be happy wherever you choose to go because they all have scrambled egg, sausages (patties or proper sausages) etc but if you are into trying new things that you will also be glad to know you will too find different things at every single restaurants.  That probably doesn’t make sense and it may seem in contradicting myself a little but what I’m trying to say is each one is different in their own unique way – don’t rule one out because you’ve already been to another because I guarantee there to be something there you haven’t yet tried.

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

Crystal Palace | Magic Kingdom | character Breakfast review

The cost

$115.02 (not including tip) was the cost for 2ad and 2ch at the end of April. Disney do increase their prices at certain times of the year like Christmas and other holidays but as long as it’s not Easter, April is low season and so priced as low as it possibly can be.

It was the cheapest breakfast we had during the holiday… in fact the cheapest table service meal full stop and one of our favourites.  Ensure you pre book character dining at Disney World too … they get full very quick!

My son said he wanted to eat there every day of the holiday!  For sure it was one of the best Magic Kingdom restaurants we’ve been too.

Here’s the vlog from our first full day at Walt Disney World 2018…


Boots Seventeen make up…. I will miss you!

In April I shared over on our Facebook group that Boots were having a huge 70% off their Seventeen make up range.

Well a few months have now passed and I’ve found out that the very beginning of the year Seventeen had announced they are selling off everything and shutting up shop!

I’m so saddened by this. Granted I’ve only just found the Seventeen brand but it is honestly one of my favourites!

What I ordered

I picked up a contour kit, eye liner pen, eyebrow pencil and loose powder for just £4 and collected for free from my nearest Boots store.

My favourite product has to be the contouring kit. I’ve never owned one before and I honestly thought it was just going to be cheap and nasty but it really isn’t. It has a step by step guide inside to tell you what to do where and it lasts me all day! The eyebrow pencil is the same… as long as it’s sharpe it goes on really well.

I haven’t worn the powder much to be honest but it seems ok same goes for the eye liner. One thing to note though it doesn’t come with an applicator (the powder) nor does the contour kit.

They are all still ridiculously low priced over on the website as I type so head on over to take a look.  Aust £1.80 for a contour kit AND on the 3 for 2 offer too what are you waiting for!? I’ve just ordered for collection 6 items for just £6.89!

I will miss you Seventeen!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


Walt Disney’s Old Key West resort review

We are just back from only our second 2 week onsite stay at Walt Disney World only this trip was slightly different to normal as we stayed at a deluxe category resort!  Here’s what we thought of Walt Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

For this years trip we spent 14 nights at the most beautiful resort we have yet stayed in; Old Key West.

It is located in the Disney Springs resort area and is only a boat ride away from the beautiful night (and day!) life of Disney Springs itself.

Our room.

We booked a standard studio room which we would always book whichever resort we stay to be fair only this one was slightly different as it was more of an apartment! It had a small kitchenette area with coffee maker, fridge, sink and a microwave, which although was extremely handy particularly with children we didn’t actually use anything!  If our kids were smaller it would’ve really have been a god send!

The room had two double beds, a table and chairs, ample storage from drawers to a built in cupboard and even a balcony! I didn’t realise how much I had missed a balcony until we got one this trip! The resorts and hotel rooms we usually stay in are motel style; one way in one way out and that’s it; but this had an actual balcony that overlooked the on-site golf course which my 7 year old absolutely loved!

Walt Disney’s Old Key West resort review

You can see a brief room tour via our Disney travel day over on our YouTube channel if you want to check it out.

The resort itself was actually undergoing some renovations whilst we were there but we heard nothing. No trucks, no workmen no nothing! We passed the site where they were working whilst on the bus one night from Epcot but it was all fenced off so high you couldn’t even see over it if you wanted too!

We were housed in block 18, a bus trip or 2 minute drive away from the main hospitality house (check in) the main pool. It was walkable but it would’ve taken a while to be fair especially with the kids.  We found out afterward that we were actually in an newly renovated room which was cool.. although at the time I wasn’t sure because the beds were a little squeaky for a newly renovated room I felt.


We did have a bus stop literally outside our room though that could take you to the hospitality house or to a park but we had a car so only used it once… totally ideal for those that didn’t. We took the bus to Epcot one night which didn’t take long at all to be fair…. it did take us longer to walk from the bus stop to the Epcot entrance than the journey itself though!!

Swimming pools

We also had nearby access to a small pool too being in block 18 (I mean clearly everyone has access but it was just a minute or two walk from us!) We used this more times than the main sand castle pool to be fair that’s at the Hospitality House (HH) mainly due to the easy access but also it was quieter. It had a sand pit and a hot tub too (who wants to sit in a boiling hot hot tub in Florida though I’ll never know… hubby said it was hot and I mean hot!!)

The sandcastle pool is, although busier, bigger. It’s where they have the fun and games organised by cast members along side a cool water slide. We didn’t venture much further than the pool and it’s slide but I did notice what I think was a tennis court and another sand pit/play area for the kids.


Located near the dock was a couple of little beanbag type games and a stall where my youngest had her hair braided.

A little further up between the pool and the hair braiding was a line of benches where you could just sit under an umbrella and chill which was nice (or eat!).  Just past the drinks area where you filled up your drink was also a little games room.  Not massive but big enough.

Located in the same area was the rental station where you could hire bikes or surreys to take you around the resort or even a boat which we’ve done numerous times but around the Seven Seas lagoon never around the Disney Springs area.


Nearing the end of our holiday we ate at the quick service restaurant at the HH which is also where we filled up our free refillable mugs. I have to say we were very unimpressed which was disappointing. We hadn’t heard the best things about the one quick service place on property to be fair but we wanted to give it a go for ourselves. Although it seemed from the menu it was just a typical regular Disney quick service meal it wasn’t freshly made at all. It seemed warmed up and was certainly one of the worst quick service meal we’ve probably ever had.

There was also a table service restaurant on site too called Olivias.  We didn’t actually eat here as we had reservations elsewhere but apparently it’s an amazing restaurant.  So many people have said so I haven’t heard a bad word about it!


We would 100% head back to Old Key West.  It’s classed as a DVC resort though meaning those that own DVC have priority before it becomes available to the public. I’ve already noticed it’s not yet available for next years dates which is a shame so we may have to think of an alternative (if we end up going again!).

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x