Christmas of the remote controlled cars !!

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Every Christmas there’s a ‘thing’ …. an ‘in thing’…. that everybody wants and this year was the Fingerlings…… the two gifts that I was very fortunate to get a hold of but the two gifts that both children they have bearly touched (typically!)

The ‘thing’ this Christmas in our house though was remote control cars!!  My eldest recieved 2 and hubby 2 …. how funny is that!?

I was very kindly sent the BMW vs Mercedes twin pack from Maplin that we received in the days just before Christmas.  Hubby is obsessed with Mercedes (have you seen the Vlogmas where we exchanged gifts if not you can check it out below) so I thought how cool would it be for me to get him the car of his dreams …… ok technically not but close right!?

They’re small but very nifty cars with a max speed of 5 mph and ideal for indoor races.  They don’t work the best on the rug which is thicker than a carpet to be fair but we have laminate throughout the downstairs now so the kids (including Alex!) are loving using the old fireplace as the start/finish, doing a lap or two around the island and then back again…… and again…………… and AGAIN (ok you get the picture … they are both obsessed with them!) !!   The one downside to them though was that in total they needed 10 (yes 10!) AA batteries!  I mean I know it’s Christmas and of course we had batteries in but I didn’t think it would need 10 of them!

From his Uncle my eldest also received an Audi sports car and off his Great Grandma a replica black one.

These were much better to go outside on the flat surfaces – they seemed a little more durable (probably due to their size) and so we now have our indoor cars and outdoor ones.  These are bigger and have bigger remote controls, the sporty Audi too is really quite fast!  The lights on the smaller one light up which look really cool and is rechargeable too which saves on the batteries.

Thanks for reading…. I hope it helps ….  now I’m off to race !!

Kirsty x


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