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Discounted gift cards with Zeek

I have seen Zeek around and mentioned for SOOOOOO long but I have only today took time to check them out a little more thorough and boy I am impressed …. I’m gutted I haven’t looked more into what they offer before now so had to share!!

If, like me, you haven’t heardsure who Zeek are; Zeek are a company that sell tons of gift cards for companies but at a discounted price.  They are a gift card marketplace that allows users to buy their favourite gift vouchers at a discount and sell unwanted gift vouchers for cash too!

Each store has their own specific discount with the savings being anywhere from 1% to 30% on the gift card price and there are absolutely tons of companies Zeek work with so theres sure to be at least one that you would benefit from be it for your weekly shop, a holiday or even christmas/birthdays!

This was one that certainly stood out to me and feel it may benefit one or two of you as well…. 😉

Although this specific one says they send you physical gift cards they do explain that there could be a possibility their could be redeemed online so be sure to check each and every companies terms & conditions because each one will be different.

Not all are physically gift cards that you will receive; some are eGift cards and to redeem you must present the unique serial and pin number to the cashier in store to redeem.

How fab is the example above though….. a saving of at least £30 on £250!  I haven’t come across anything to say you can’t use multiple cards either – I guess someone could’ve bought you a ton as a wedding present or something and Thomas Cook would be non the wiser that you paid less than face value for them through Zeek but I would just double check before you chose to purchase £1000s worth that you are able to redeem them ok as they are non refundable once purchase.

I also like too that Zeek also have the option for you to SELL your unwanted gift cards too – I’m not sure I would ever choose to do this to be honest as they will not be bought for face value (there is mention of less than 8% of the value) and there is a transaction fee of a minimum of £3 so unless you desperately need the cash I don’t think it’s something that many would benefit from.  You will see though once you go through everything before you commit how much you will be receiving back for your vouchers – if you are happy with the amount then go ahead and click that submit button!

If you too are interested in trying Zeek then check out this link and get £5 off your first purchase!

Let me know if you already use Zeek and for what in particular… I would love to know!

Kirsty x








Two ways you can redeem your purchased gift cards:

These vouchers and gift cards are redeemed in-store, either by presenting a printout, card or unique serial number and/or pin.

These vouchers and gift cards are redeemed online by inputting a unique serial number and/or pin corresponding with the voucher.

It depends on the store as to whether they offer online credit as a form of a ‘gift card’ or they send you an actual physical gift card.  All is clear as you make your way through to purchase; well before your transaction is complete.



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