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Fab Alton Towers deals… !

Do you remember me mentioning a few blogs back about a fab Alton Towers deal that we got a few years back – well its baaaaack guys and it is yet again an amazing deal!!!

If you don’t know there are now three places to stay onsite at Alton Towers; Enchanted Village, Alton Towers Hotel and the Splash Landings Hotel.

When we visited we stopped at the Alton Towers Hotel – you can see our day 1 vlog here if you wish (i’m not quite sure why i didn’t post day 2 but i will have to look into that – you will also have to excuse my terrible filming/editing… it was 2 years ago and i like to think i’ve improved A LOT since i filmed this on our GoPro alone!)

It was a fab hotel, really really nice.  The theming was fab, the location and walkway to the actual theme park was a really nice walk, the rooms were ideal, spacious and clean – i would highly recommend the Alton Towers Hotel.

Enchanted Village was being built when we were there in 2014 so i have never actually seen  these in person but i bet they are just as nice if not nicer given they are newer.  They also have another theme to them rather your typical hotel feel so i bet they are fab.

Splash Landings Hotel is the hotel that also houses the water park – that again looked great and was the cheapest of the two (then but now three) – it is slightly closer to the theme park but not by much and again has the fab water park within it so is ideal if you are wanting to still check out the Resort when the theme park is closed because that is open all year round (the outside is closed in the Winter).

These are the deals i came across yesterday HAD to share – they are really really good…

Because it is very soon being classed as off peak the theme park will not be open every day so before you do book an option/purchase a voucher make sure you check the calendars here for availability also because the theme park is closed some days during September and October then they do compensate for this and allow you to just book without theme park tickets too which i think its fab !

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 16.17.57

There are numerous options available staying at all three resorts; the Enchanted Village offer can be found here and their options are shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 16.14.33

The Alton Towers Hotel offers can be found here with again their options shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 16.22.49

The Splash Landings Hotel offers can he found here  with again their options shown below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 16.25.05

If you’re not already swayed by these amazing prices then maybe these reasons will:

  • you get an hour early access to the theme park if you are staying onsite!
  • the waterpark is awesome with a swimming area (not just all splash pads etc there is a place to swim) and a great area for small children too.
  • the free breakfast that is included in your room rate if A-MAY-ZING… soon much to choose from in a fab setting oooh i could just eat a big cooked english breakfast… nom nom !
  • free parking – big plus for me!
  • you can leave your bags and head on over to the theme park… they will take your bags to your room so they are waiting for you when you get back.
  • evening entertainment is included too so you don’t need to venture very far or feel you will be cooped up in your room because theres nothing to do nearby… get to the D.I.S.C.O !!
  • oh and the lift in Alton Towers Hotel …… i’m just going to leave that there – i’m not telling you you just have to go see for yourself 😉 !!!!

I’m actually really gutted we are going to Florida at the end of October as i would’ve certainly jumped at the chance of grabbing one of these fab deals but they are mid week deals and we don’t have any more annual leave left … boo hoo !! 🙁

I do hope this helps someone else though looking for a little break or a Florida/theme park fix – make sure you let me know what you think of it!

Speak soon




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