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Fab quality street/celebration deal! #savingforchristmas

Big thanks to AlditoHarrods for this one…

Head on over to Tescos  (not Tesco direct and NOT physically unless you want to ofcourse but you won’t be able to use this promo in store I don’t suppose.. I mean and add to your basket either 8 boxes of Quality Streets or Celebrations (the ones on offer for £2) OR mix it up a little (I got 4 of each!) 

Continue through to click and collect and when prompted add promo code XXLPLA.

This will knock off the £4 surcharge and reduce your total to just £5!!!

8 boxes of chocolates for just 62.5p EACH! 

What a steal! ❤️ it!

Let me know if you too take up this amazing offer!

Hope it helps!


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