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So looking back at my timeline it seems I have been using this hashtag since the start of 2016….probably around the same time as i got my fitbit charge HR to be fair.
accessories-4078d-450x350I think its safe to say though that i haven’t always been sticking to it mind and i really ought to start practising what i preach – i really need to get myself motivated again and along side some fellow twitter & youtubers we are determined to try help and motivate each other!!

Unfortunately me nor Alex are in a position to gym-it 🙁 quite disappointing  to be fair because the last time i did was like 10 years ago and looking back i wasn’t doing what i should’ve – i bearly broke a sweat! I think if i was to go now it would be a whole different story… i would understand the different workouts are for, target areas,  cardio and what weight training to do and when but unfortunately aside from now not having the time since having the kids; i can no longer afford it either! These days i have to just make do with doing a quick 10 minute hiit workout before work and school and maybe one when i get in. I did used to go running but i actually struggled with my breathing when running and couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm with it – i felt i couldn’t get my breath and it was tiring me out more trying to get my breathing sorted than the run itself but i guess if i stuck at it that would hopefully get better but i am like that when i go swimming too to be fair.. like a little panicy!

At the minute though i am doing Lucy Wyndham-Read’s hiit workouts and i’m really enjoying them! I have been following her youtube channel for a while but more so than ever during April as she has started a daily 4 minute hiit workout which i have been doing everyday sometimes even twice…! (ok maybe it was just the one day i did one twice!!). Her workouts really work for me – they are intense but short and I can easily fit them in my already crazy busy day – i would love to do more and hope to in the future.

You will see in tomorrows #whatwevedonewednesday vlog that i talk about having done really well in keeping off the lbs that i lost at the beginning of the year when i got tonsilitus – that was my aim just to keep it off and stay below the 11st mark (i’m no longer ashamed to publicly share my weight now in the hope it may even help me and others.. ) butunfortunately since i did start exercising i have very quickly put that back on!! Granted it has been easter and there has been a fair few easter eggs in the house over the past few weeks but i have been really good during the day food and portion wise .. that is until it comes to teatime! Teatime is my downfall without a doubt .. that and after tea.. i always have to have something sweet! Then when i do have something sweet i have to have something savoury straight after…. aaaah!  I know my food hasnt helped but i also know that the muscle building that i have done when exercising has played a massive part… as of Monday I am now 11st 5lb 🙁

I know what i need to do and thats just carry on doing what i’m doing and not weigh myself but its very much easier said than done isnt it? I did have some full length pictures taken at the beginning of December so i may get somemore done in the upcoming week and compare the two to try and prove to myself that an increase in weight isnt always back but it’s very hard!

I did last week see this video though – how awesome is this …. now i would LOVE to do this and its not far from me at all just wish there was one a little closer i could just ‘pop’ to rather then go out for most of the night 🙁 it would take a good half hour to get there unfortunatly.


So if you too are wanting to get #fitforflorida or you can relate to me or even help me then do let me know. It’s something we can all do together if not to loose weight then get fit! It’s not all about loosing the pounds is it … its about feeling good about yourself (which i did to be fair prior to the weigh in on monday haha oops !!)

Thanks for reading, speak soon!

Kirsty x

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