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No doubt you will have heard the issues a certain budget airline have been having in the last few weeks with the cancelation of flights….  and news out only yesterday tells us it’s crazily set to continue !!

We have been very fortunate with flights in that the delays we have encountered have been very minimal and we have never EVER encountered a cancellation fortunately however if you are one that have been affected by not only Ryanairs recent cancellations but ANY airline delay or cancellations then be sure to check out flightdelayclaims4u.com

If you have been left waiting around due to flight delays or cancellations, or even been denied boarding due to overbooking, there is legislation in place to protect EU passenger rights, which can be applied by solicitors to claim a flight refund or compensation for you on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

The regulations apply to passengers that are departing from, or arriving at, an EU airport. It also includes passengers from outside the EU, providing they are arriving at an EU airport and the airline is based in an EU member state.

There are several kinds of claim that can be made on your behalf by a specialist solicitor. Flight Delay Claims 4 U can assist with a host of flight compensation types; including divertedflight-compensation, delayed flight claims, cancelled flight compensation and overbooked flight compensation.

They have a very thorough frequently asked questions page over at Flight Delay Claims 4 U so be sure to check them out see if you can claim!

I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful it must be to encounter delays and cancellations to your flights particularly with small children in tow but you never know your compensation might even pay for your next trip away and all will be soon forgotten I promise !!

Hope this helps!

Kirsty x

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