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Free airport hotel stay..?

Who doesn’t love to stay in a hotel the night before you fly & who wouldn’t love it to be free !!!

Well that’s exactly what we have gotten for our trip in October courtesy of our friends at Holiday Extras. Want to find out more? then keep reading…..

I have dealt with a few companies in the past who have had price guarantees but without a doubt Holiday Extras by far have the best I have seen! Their guarantee is that if you do find it cheaper elsewhere within 24 hours of booking let them know and they will give you it for free!!!

I have been researching on site airport hotels for a while however I wasn’t entirely sure we could justify the cost compared to where we usually stay at the Travelodge very close to the Trafford Centre. We usually only pay the £29 rate there and we feel its ideal being so close to restaurants and shops so we can grab a meal the night before we leave and pick up any last-minute bits and bobs however because this year we are going in the school holidays the rate has been a little more which is why i have been contemplating paying a little more and staying even closer.

I happened to pop onto the Clayton Hotel on night just seeing if any prices/packages had changed (as you do constantly when you are really wanting something!) and having remembered about the Holiday Extras price guarantee decided to just check out of interest if there was any difference. If i remember rightly Clayton direct was £111 and HE was coming out as £115. I decided to chance my luck and see if  their awesome ‘sounds too good to be true’ price gaurantee was actually true to its word.

Now there are some stipulations but they can all be found on their website And are all surprisingly very easy to understand. There’s none of that jargon or things you won’t understand – it’s very straight forward. You won’t either get an immediate refund; in the days after your stay is when it will be refunded but it will be a nice chunk going back into the bank when all we’ve been doing the past few months is paying out!!

All i had to do with take a screenshot of the cheaper price; make the booking on Holiday Extras and submit the ‘Free If’ form.

They aim to get back to you within 48 hours – my ‘OK’ came through the following day so that’s us done; free hotel on airport property the night before we fly!

Do let me know if you too are lucky enough to get a free stay; i will add that the guarantee is also on parking and lounges too so it’s certainly worth doing a little research before you book anywhere!

As always; I hope that helps & I shall speak to you all again soon.

Kirsty x

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