Free Disney Dining out today…!

So it is official… the ‘free dining’ at Walt Disney World that us Brits tend to get offered to us yearly is released today.  Has anyone booked anything yet?

I’m pretty sure we won’t be booking for 2017 🙁 but never say never!

Wrestle mania is in Orlando in April and we would LOVE to go to that but i just don’t think its realistically possible 🙁

I was having a little look and comparing the prices of 2017 with what we have booked for 2016 though and was a little shocked to see such a big difference… it’s approx £400 more!  Granted we have booked our 2016 trip with OrlandoAttractions.com as they were slightly cheaper than Walt Disney World but still i anticipate they will also have an increase to be fair and next years tickets will be more to.

Because any trips we take after our 2016 trip Harper will need park tickets… boo hoo 🙁 but she will turn 3 at some point so i guess i just need to get over it 😉 so if we were to go in 2017 it would increase it even further to another £300 so in just one year the price increase would be quite alot and for hotel only(!) – theres an example of if you can take your child before they turn 3 then DO IT !!! 😉

I have a feeling this year will be our last year of staying onsite.. i say that as if we always stay on property but we don’t… 2015 was our first year and even then it was only 4 nights!

We thought when we booked for 2016 that seeing as though we are only doing Disney this year and are having the cram in the parks, Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party AND Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party in just 12 days then we are better to stay onsite and as close to the action as possible and with such a good deal including a breakfast credit & photo pass AND not having to pay for Harper for 3(!) park tickets would mean it wouldn’t ever be this cheap again !!

I personally have never seen the attraction to free dining – obviously everyone loves something for free but for us we wouldn’t ordinarily stay in a moderate/deluxe hotel even offsite(!) so wouldn’t really be classed as being ‘free’ to us.

We’re not that fussed about staying in that category of hotel to be fair along as it is in a safe area, is clean and it has a bed/s (and a fridge!) then we will stay anywhere. Plus because we usually stay offsite to be fair we tend to eat offsite too – that again saves money but i totally get wanting to be in the ‘Disney bubble’ it is amazing at must be at least experienced once in your lifetime !!

This year we plan to experience some ‘never before’ dining experiences too – we aren’t that adventurous… we are both similar in that if we enjoyed something we would do it over and over again; i too like to do that to an extent…. when we used to dine out (prior to kids!) i always wanted to go to Frankie and Bennys and i ALWAYS without fail used to get lasagne – EVERY SINGLE TIME! The waiter at one point knew us and what we would order!  Funnily enough though… we NEVER go now… i think we we’ve overdosed on Frankie and Bennys and just don’t fancy it anymore 🙁

I have already said this year as i say that i would like to try a few other restaurants that we haven’t yet tried but will i’m sure end up going back to one or two that we have done before though.

Let me know if you have booked something and what kind of deal you got..

Hope this helps,

Speak soon,

Kirsty x

















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