Getting #fitforflorida…. again!!

Have you seen today’s new #fitforflorida vlog if not you can see it here ðŸ™‚

I mentioned in there about the probiotics I have started on from Holland and Barrett so wanted to pop them in a blog for anyone also in need of some friendly bacteria 🙂

Holland and Barrett had an offer on when I got these too buy one get a second half price and as Alex’s Aunt had also suggested I may need something to balance my sugar levels out I grabbed some Chromium

Now I am an absolute bugger to remember to take tablets! Unless I’m in pain and actually NEED them I just forget (That’s not just tablets I forget either to be fair I genuinely have the worlds worse memory!) so I haven’t actually had a good run of the probiotics yet (I started again yesterday but this time 2 a day rather than 1). I haven’t even opened the Chromium yet because I wanted to see if the Probiotics made me feel any better before I mixed them both up but I do actually think I’m going to start taking them both.

Today I started on another ‘challenge’ – I’ve struggled to find something I can do of late for one reason or another (mainly the renovations) but as of today I managed to sell my old dishwasher so we now have a bit more space in the extension, the extension is actually very nearly done AND it’s just 75 days to Florida so i really need to get my finger out!!!

I got a Fitbit back in January of this year and my intention then (that lasted probably the first two weeks in January 😂) was to get 10k steps per day! 

As with most people who start a fitness resolution at the beginning of a year it went straight out of the window by the second week – granted there wasn’t much I could’ve done about it as I got tonsilitus (the first of four bouts in 5 months!) so i didn’t/couldn’t continue with it. (By the way I have another consultant appointment on Tuesday about taking them out yesssss so fingers crossed this upcoming winter will not be anything like last years was!)

So today, after trying on part of my MNSSHP outfit and realising my hips are getting bigger (the same day mind Alex actually told me my butt looked nice in my jeans 👍🏻)  I thought about bringing back that challenge but upping it slightly.

So, in a day if I DON’T reach my 10k steps I HAVE to jump on the stepper (with resistance!) and bring it up to AT LEAST 10k. More? Then fabulous! Particually through the school hols, not having to walk at least twice daily and sitting on my ass (at work!) 3 days a week I’m not tending to even nearly touch 10k!

so like tonight I started about 6500, stepped for 25 minutes during Hollyoaks (and a dominos pizza advert I will add!) and hit 10k! Felt good! 

Again my stepper has resistance so I was certainly sweating which makes me feel good but if I can’t trim the ass I just would like to change one thing by the time I go to Florida in 75 days….. and that’s not have any chaffage!!! Well not like full on sore chaffage I don’t get that but I don’t want my thighs rubbing together.. I want to wear maxi skirts without having to do funky leg stretches because my chunky thighs are stuck together! That’s all I want so please wish me luck!! 

That’s probably waaay TMI 😂 but I know for a fact I won’t be the only one this happens to in hot weather 😂 so you yes YOU are not alone!!

speak soon 


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