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Getting prepared and saving money… clothes buying

Ok so i’m not as prepared as I used to be probably because I now have two of the monkeys to look after instead of just one(!) but when Zac was a baby I was forever buying him clothes aged 2-3 years ahead of his actual age.  I think the furthest I went was once in a Next sale and I saw a Bulldog tshirt that was like size 6-7 and I HAD to have it…. he was less than 1 year old at the time 😂😂 

I really miss being as organised as I was pre kids but unfortunately my crazy life doesn’t allow it so much anymore and to be fair it’s one of the many things that has been disturbing me lately…. we have been very fortunate that Harper was the like the 4th girl amongst family and friends so she has a lot of hand me downs… Zac was the first boy so had non and we had to buy anything and everything – I think that might have played a part because I haven’t really needed to be as organised as the first time around as we’ve been so lucky to have such generous family and friends.

Not only do I save money by buying things so far in advance that I know they are going to need it at some point but it saves me going searching for it in the future.  Also I only buy when we have the money instead of waiting for them to grow out of them and realising we are skint… when the kids do NEED something inparticular you can guarantee we won’t be able to find it anywhere too so I just like to be organised.

It’s unfortunate we don’t know this year what the kids are going to be in next years nativity play 😂

Asda for both clothes and fancy dress is defo one of my fave high street stores and it’s here I’ve noticed a found a few things in sale this week for next year that I thought I would share and that I too am tempted to buy, get prepared and save!

Yes I am well aware we have just had Halloween and we are not far off 365 days away from Halloween 2017 😂 but if like me you know you will end up buying something anyway then why not save a few pennies now and get ready…

Little Terror shirt – just £2
Spooktacular t-shirt – more than half price just £3

There are some awesome fancy dress outfits in their sale too AND in adult sizes too but this is too cute (especially like us this year you are planning a trip to Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Party next year!) 

Star Wars Finn Young fancy dress – just £8
Do you plan advance and buy clothes for the future in sales? I always say I am going to get next years Xmas presents in the January sales but never ever do… things would be so much easier if we did!!

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