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[REVIEW & GIVEAWAY] Hedrin Protect & Go spray – headlice & kids !!

It’s just two weeks into the summer holidays and I’m already thinking about the kids going back to school!

I have to though, as a busy working Mum (with anxiety too!) and my youngest making the transition from private nursery to pre school I need to be as prepared for change as I possibly can.

My first worry, amongst so many(!), was one that I had never even thought about with my first born to be fair; headlice!

As soon as ‘school’ was mentioned last term it was the first thing that crossed my mind and was probably because as a girl growing up with long hair that I very rarely tied back; I remember getting headlice a few times in my school days so the dreaded nit combing soon came flooding back!

No doubt you have heard of headline but if you have never had or seen nits then you may well be wondering how do you know if you or you child has got them?

Headlice are small dark insects around 3mm long … tiny tiny things they are that are more difficult to find in dark hair due to their colour (you will see them more on the scalp) whereas it’s the eggs are harder to find in blonde hair due to their light colour.

The only way you can tell you have headlice is by seeing them; just because you itch doesn’t mean you have headlice, nor does it mean if you aren’t itchy you HAVEN’T got headlice as until you see one either up close or by using a detention comb then you really can’t be sure.

Fortunately, neither of my children have actually had headlice yet so up until a few weeks ago I had no idea what’s actually out there to use and although it was something I knew I could treat should they ever get it I didn’t actually know we could try and prevent it!

A few weeks ago, Hedrin very kindly sent us one of their Protect & Go spray to review and has really helped put my mind at ease a little before my tiny baby goes to big school as no matter how clean their hair is or how much we try and reduce the risk of her getting them by keeping it tied up; they can be picked up by head to head contact so are very hard to avoid once one child is infected in a class room, at a sleepover or even sitting next to someone in a car!

Over on Hedrin’s website they have it very clearly listed what products they have available and for what circumstances such as treating headlice and totally needing to get rid or protection from getting them at all!

As I mentioned the Protect and Go was the one I chose to try out based on our personal requirements so I can’t really comment on any of the other treatments available but you can check out what exactly they have on their site here including detection and post treatment solutions too!

There is a step by step ‘how to’ guide on the back of the box with no lengthy instructions that you need an hour to read before you even get started and the Protect and Go comes in a spray too; it can protect upto 5x heads and can be applied to dry and wet hair as you can see us demonstrating below.

I have to admit though I much preferring to use the spray on wet hair than dry hair a although I know I could’ve dried it after we used it on dry hair I just felt more happy doing it on clean, freshly washed, wet hair than dry but you will find your own personal preference I’m sure.  I felt the amazing orange and mango smell lasted longer when I started with wet hair AND it has a detangling formula which we all love right; kids and parents!

You don’t have to use it every day either so one bottle should last you about 3 weeks maybe more depending on the length of the hair you are wanting to protect.

Take a look at the Once a Week Take a Peek website – this is a fab little site with so much information on there about headlice including facts, figures and even ways to get your kids involved by getting them to check YOUR hair !!

You can only purchase the Hedrin lotion through pharmacies and over pharmacy counters but the rest of the Hedrin range are available from many high street stores and supermarkets such as Superdrug, Boots and Asda.

If you too would like a chance to try out Hedrins Protect and Go, you can do so by entering our giveaway below/ Rafflecopter giveaway now!

Entries close on the 14 August 2017 to allow me time for postage to you you an opportunity to get cracking on protecting those scalps before the Autumn term begins!

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Thanks for reading,

Kirsty x

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