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How much did I love Beauty and the Beast…?

So of course we went to see BatB this weekend…. I mean who didn’t??!

I took the kids yesterday to a very full screening at Vue …. I don’t think I’ve been in a cinema that full since Titanic was released! There weren’t many spare seats at all!

I have to admit as the film started I did think ‘oh jeez’ but I’m not sure why; part of me was excitedly thinking ‘oh jeez I’m really looking forward to this’ but then the other part was 1) ‘oh jeez that’s not Belle?!’ (sorry Emma Watson!) and 2) is this just going to be one of those remakes you just compare compare compare to the original all the time..?

Now I’m not critising Ms Watson whatsoever; she was amazing.  A fabulous, talented actress but I couldn’t help thinking when I first saw her I’m not sure if she was ‘Belle material’ …… as the film went though on my thoughts did change though. 

Although even now I still don’t think she gave the film the wow factor I feel a lead should do so in a movie; I don’t actually think there’s another actress out there that could’ve actually played the petite, beautiful, young, princess-like girl. 

I think that ALL the actors though gave the movie the WOW factor from Gaston (who was for sure one of the best!) to even the animated Lumiere and chip!  They were all amazing but Gaston and his friend were exactly how I imagined they would be.

I was a little concerned as to how H would be seeing ‘the real beast’ as we called him but I needn’t have been worried… she totally ‘got it’ and wasn’t scared at all!  He looked awesome…. really awesome!

I love the way the film added in a few ‘laugh out loud’ moments that weren’t seen in the animation; some were really funny too! I also enjoyed the way they added bits to songs that you’ll have never heard before; my friend said that watching the Be Our Guest scene in 3D was amazing! I would love to have seen that!

I didn’t end up comparing it to the original much either to be honest.  Even though it was obviously the same film; it had its own take on it and each of the characters made it there own like it had never even been seen before!

But…. and I will leave this with you…..

Where on earth was the:

[BEAST] ‘belle…. its me’ 

[BELLE] ‘it is you….!’

I was saying it to H as she sat on my knee waiting for them to say it and it wasn’t even there !!!! 

I totally appreciate that it isn’t going to be exactly the same as the animation version; I think they handled the differences really well. They incorporated the bits they needed too I feel but how could you leave out one of biggest lines in the movie?! 

Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast… what did you think?

Kirsty x

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