Jamberry nails 7 day challenge completed!

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So the weeks over and they are officially bloody amazing! (‘scuse my French!)

Those following our vlogs will know we are currently having some major renovations going on at the mo (hence the lack of uploads at the mo on both here and YouTube!) and my hands have taken a beating or two I tell you!

I have laid flooring, I have gotten up flooring, I have lifted boxes, I have put together cabinets AND of course been a working mum but my goodness Jamberry nails held up gooooood!

That nail polish is SOOOOO embarassing! I have spent so many £’s on nail polish and not only is it a pain in the butt to put on but it lasts only days if that so if you have any recommended nail polish I would love to hear it!

I just wish we had easy access to the US disney jams… wouldn’t these be amazing to wear during our up and coming Disney Cruise!! 💜

I highly recommend Jamberry – I do think they are expensive but they lasted me doing far more than I usually do for more than a week to be fair so I honestly think once all my building/decorating work is done they will last a good couple of weeks and 100% for the duration of a holiday!

Big thumbs up from me Jamberry!

Kirsty x


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