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Kids character clothes for Florida..

You know me… i’m all for saving money – i said in our last #triptalktuesday vlog i very rarely pay full price for anything and I LOVE bargains !

I didn’t mean i get things given to me for free or bought for me when i said that (hell no!) but i mean i look for bargains, i look for red tags, i bookmark things i don’t really NEED but would like if it was cheaper then click them every now and then just to see if they’ve been reduced in price.

I buy off eBay too – not second hand good either brand new with labels (granted maybe not named labels!) but i mean brand new unworn BARGAINS !  I have a ton of eBay clothes i’ve bought for my holidays this year which i am actually really proud of and cost next to nothing (i will be sharing all these in a separate blog for sure so subscribe now!) 😉

Now thats just me; the kids on the other hand get pretty much whatever they need whenever they need them (i think the fact i buy like i do for myself helps with being able to do this)… they aren’t spoilt & you won’t see them in named Ugg’s or anything like that (until they start realising what ‘named’ things are!) but i am a bugger for going a bit over the top in the sales for the kids for sure!

This year we are going on a surprise trip to Florida (Zac doesn’t have a clue if you didn’t know!) and so we have been buying the odd things for a good few months to be fair but i have really struggled with character t-shirts particularly for Zac – he’s had loads when he was younger but he’s now in like 6-7 and i’m really struggling !

I remembered tonight about Sports Direct and how fab they are for character stuff so went for a browse and had to share with you a few of these….

How freaking cure is this Baby romper  – oh my days – depending on when you are going to Florida if you have a small baby these would be sooooooooooooo awesome to wear around the parks – imagine the pic with Woody…. aaaah i want another one !!


These are the Minnie sand shoes we have gotten Harper this year too – i’m not sure what she will be like with them in the parks but its in-between a shoe and a sandal i feel so hopefully not too hot and not too unsupported if you like.

I don’t think its wise i get this character t-shirts for Zac 🙂 – if you don’t remember his reaction on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios last year then check it out here but some of these tee’s look kinda cool too!





You might need to click on the instagram post below to view…


Sports Direct are for sure one of the best places to get character clothing from – the stores i feel are very hit and miss and sometimes have things in that are on the website but more times than not they don’t.  Sunglasses, underwear, they even have a dedicated ‘character’ section on their website so go check them out for all your Florida-wear for sure !!

I will be popping into Clarks to get the kids feet measured soon to get some more of those awesome swim shoes we got last year – check out my blog on them here….. Swim shoes are a MUST !! I can see that we are going to struggle to get them to try them out without Zac inparticuar asking questions and we don’t want to blow the surprise so if we just go get their feet measured and pick some up when we are out and about without them then i’m sure they’ll be fine.

Hope this helps guys,

Speak soon

K x




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