Meal Planning Monday….

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So this week is the start of the Easter holidays, easter eggs AND no work so I will be very VERY surprised if any of this meal planning Monday goes ahead …. !


That being said I’m back on it; I completed my inventory of the fridge and freezer later last week (ate out all weekend at friends and family – don’t you just love those no cook weekends!) so nothing much would’ve changed since then as frozen food is concerned and only this morning went through the dry food cupboards so I am ready to plan!

Did you see last weeks 5 frugal things blog post when we headed to Iceland for our shopping…. I’m yet to do my big food shop at Asda since telling them to pretty much stuff it and haven’t done so for probably 2 weeks now (go me!) so again this morning I headed to one of the bigger Icelands near me to see what they had in there in comparison to the smaller store I went to last week.

We are going to have to think about lunches this week too but will probably end up doing a picnic lunch a couple of times… cheap and cheerful and the kids weirdly love a jam sarnie or two!

Monday: chicken wraps and homemade wedges or waffles – this is for sure one of my fave meals at the moment!

Tuesday: it’s my eldest’s 7th birthday today so we will probably be going out for dinner 🙂 be it for lunch or dinner I’ve no doubt we will be out for at least one of them because we don’t have to rush around for rugby training (it’s usually pasta Tuesday though otherwise!) lunch likely to be beans on toast!

Wednesday: We have some of my little boys friends around on Wednesday so we are going to grab a pizza from takeaway from them. He isn’t having a party this year and with it being the school holidays too we said he could have a few friends around for a Fifa and pizza afternoon 🙂

Thursday: Whatever we can rustle up …. nothing planned yet but on the other hand after doing our Easter Egg hunt during the day that day the kids probably won’t be that interested in anything but chocolate so yes chances are we will probably just play it by ear!

Friday: Chicken curry, rice & naan bread // toad in the hole, carrots, potatoes & swede.

Saturday: Usually takeaway night but having eaten out a few times this week already we really NEED to cook something tonight! I plan to do a cooked tea; likely sausage casserole or something similar (we have tons of bloody sausages in our freezer at the mo!)

I love to hear about your meal plans & where do you tend to shop too?

I want to do a series (likely to be on my Instagram so be sure to go follow us if you don’t already!) on what I buy from where. Of course the biggies such as Asda are going to say they will beat others with their Asda guarantee but consistency is the key for me; don’t up and reduce your prices just for the fun of it it’s wrong! My experience with the likes of Iceland, Heron and Home Bargains show they are the same low prices all the time so I am wanting to do list the specific things I get from specific places and why.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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