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Don’t worry guys I haven’t gone anywhere as such.. all my previous posts are still here but who has noticed my new name 👆🏻😁😁 this is now officially my new blog… !!

I knew I wanted to start a blog but didn’t know exactly what my niche was or what I would actually write about. I tried to include and relate to our weekly vlogs we post on YouTube but they are very self explanatory and for the kids when they grow up… I felt they don’t always need talking about on a blog as well!

I thought about things I am good at; what do I do every single day of my life and what do I HAVE to do in my day to day life; it was from there that I decided there was only one route I should take…

You may have noticed me mention on previous vlogs particularly in relation to our Florida trips and during clothes hauls that I am very VERY thrifty!

I am a red tagged lady, a drugstore gal, a high street mum, a savvy saver… if there’s something I buy for myself it’s very very rarely full price I just can’t stomach it! I am a bargain hunter through and through!

It’s a slight addiction for me to be fair but since returning to work from having my youngest on reduced hours and having to in the last year cut right back on my own business as it just no longer works for our family anymore; if I do want things for myself I pretty much HAVE to be like that.. I have very little choice!

I am a very independent person as far as money is concerned.. I think past experiences have something to do with that but although I am now married I’m not one to go to my husband for money to spend on myself.  I know if I did then he wouldn’t hesitate to give me what I want/need/what he can but I just don’t can’t; I’m very independant.  Some might think that’s a bit crazy.. what’s mine is your’s and what’s yours is mine they say when you get married but it’s been like this since we first got together many MANY moons ago and well before having children so why change it just because we got married?!  What I have earned is mine and what he has earned is his, we have and run our own cars… I don’t even know how much he earns; I don’t even think he knows how much I’m on either!

Don’t get me wrong big purchases are discussed/saved/paid for between the two of us (maybe not so much now from my pocket as 50p isn’t going to get me very far!) but the kids will always get whatever they want whenever they want it (I say whenever they want it it’s not everyday more a figure of speech!) they are far from spoilt but I’m certainly less thrifty with their ‘stuff’.

This is where I hope this blog will help YOU…

You will find me sharing a lot more of the bargains I get, the bargains that are out there, the ways I make money, the ways I save money, the websites I use, the cashback apps I use and pretty much how I exist on a day to day basis!

I really hope my posts help anyone in the same boat as me or anyone just  wanting to save for a rainy day!

Feel free to share any bargains you find with me through any of our social media channels and make sure you follow/like my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as I will be posting a lot more quick hits on these than a full on blog as and when I come across things so be sure you are following us as you never know what I might come across on my travels 🤔

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel too if you haven’t already as next Monday I will be posting a first of [hopefully!] many #themoneysavingmummy vlog too where I talk about my ‘affordable’ favourites.. !!

I really hope this is of help and can’t wait to start this new adventure with you all so make sure you also subscribe by dropping your email in the box to the right for instant notifications of new blog posts too 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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