My Services

Did you know that in addition to running we also offer out our skills too via our new digital marketing & business support company virtually set up to improve your business and/or blog.

Your can find more information on what digital services we offer over at but if you are on the look out for a video editor, a creative writer, a website builder, a graphic designer, a new media kit or rate card then feel free to get in touch!

One service I do offer for fellow bloggers is a blog audit…. more information can be found below:


The audit I offer is designed to;

  • Make effective tweaks to your blog and social media accounts that will help you reach your blogging goals
  • Move towards consistent branding across all platform
  • Up web traffic and engagement with your audience
  • And start moving towards making money (or more money!) off of your blog.

The audit I offer includes:

  • A thorough review of your blog and social media accounts from personal finance and parenting blogger who makes monthly supplemental income through blogging
  • 5 quick and impactful fixes for your blog or social media accounts
  • 3 big-picture goals for your next month of blogging and/or social media-ing
  • Additional monthly blog audits at a discounted rate (a massive 25% off!)

Once the blog audit is complete and approx 4 weeks after the write-up has been sent to over to yourself, I will provide you with a free 15 minute follow up audit which will hopefully encourage you to make the changes suggested given I will be checking up on you (in a nice constructive way obviously!!)