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My wish list…

I miss waking up on Christmas morning with the only care in the world being ripping open the tons of presents Santa had brought….

I was non the wiser of how many hours my parents had worked or what things cost or what they had missed out on in preparation for amazing Christmases EVERY single year… however selfish this may sound now all I was bothered about was waking up on Xmas day I seeing if he had been. I wasn’t bothered about having to tidy up all the ripped wrapping paper or getting all the timings right for Christmas dinner… I sometimes wish I was that child again 🙃 

I not only miss all that but also the not knowing what you’re going get and getting surprise gifts off Santa as it’s now extremely rare I get something I’m not expecting. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t expect anything from anyone and I do tell everyone to not bother with me and just buy for the kids but because of that and the fact people are quite adamant 🙃 I always end up saying ‘ok if you’re sure’ but just make sure I ask them to get something we NEED. I do sometimes miss getting board games for Christmas though for sure! 😂

Alex’s mum is really good at making gift baskets… you can tell she puts loads of thought into them and there’s ALWAYS something that you haven’t ever thought about buying yourself but that is sooooo useful!

Now I don’t think I’ve wrote a letter to Santa or gone through the Argos book for probably 20 years so this is really new to me… but I really wanted to write a ‘wishlist’ blog post – everything on here is genuinely something I would LOVE; my own dreams, wishes and views…  

MacBook – any Mac laptop/netbook would be fine 😉 to be fair… but my wish would be for the best! 😂 I’ve never looked into them before because they are a luxury item but if you’re reading this chances are you will know I’m a v/blogger 😉 I would LOVE to be able to sit/lay in a comfy chair or settee writing my blogs and editing videos instead of being perched in one place in front of a desktop IMac – that’s one thing that stops me doing more as we don’t have a dedicated area yet for the Mac it’s just in the living room on a set of cramped Ikea cupboards – I would love an office, an organised work space for sure. That’s why I feel sometimes it’s a chore to sit at the iMac because I’m sat on a puffy with the keyboard at the same height as my knees #notthecomfiest! 

My own vanity area

Following on from organised space I too would LOVE a designated area in my bedroom for ME! I would love to do my make up every day sat down with every piece of make up I own in front of me in front of a massive bright mirror … instead I do it stood up in the bathroom in a mucky finger marked, toothpaste covered mirror with not often than not someone brushing their teeth or on the toilet … 😩😂 I love this table from Ikea – I admire them every time we go but our bedroom is brown with brown furniture …. no one sells cheap brown furniture anymore 😩

Make up would be something I would love to but whether it be high end make up or high street I would like to start using some different more flattering stuff… I got some Laura Mercier primer from Florida the other week and a NARS shimmer stick… these are the kind of things I mean not just different coloured eye shadows or blusher but things that are in addition to and that would emphasise on what I’ve already got and what I already use. 

A Cleaner – Ok so I know I can’t get a cleaner for Christmas but it is on my wish list 100% !!!

Drone – So Zac the other week started on his letter to Santa … he asked me what those things are you can fly and film with… a drone Zac?  ‘Yeah a drone, I want a drone’…. what the heck!! 😂 you are not getting a drone before me son that is for sure! 

The past week we have had amazing sunrises and sunsets in East Yorkshire and I would LOVE to get a drone up there to see what it looks like – never gonna happen I will crash it into the Humber I’m sure but the footage would be amazing!

A personal stylist/make up artist – again never gonna happen 😂 but it’s one of the things I need in life the most I feel even if just for a day! I have very poor dress sense! The fact I don’t/can’t buy for myself that often doesn’t help and when I do it’s certainly never the ‘in thing’ – it will always be a cheaper end of season item more often than not. I’m not comfortable to go into high end stores or even some high street stores.. I feel everyone’s looking at me and thinking ‘she doesn’t belong in here’ so I just don’t bother! Same with make up – I buy from supermarkets or Superdrug – I don’t feel comfortable either going to your Mac counters in Debenhams or even the No7 counter in Boots… I feel so lost and feel i stand out like a sore thumb! 

PJ’s – I love my PJ’s but it’s never something I buy myself – I love when I get brand new pjs for Christmas 😍 but by the end of the year I’m laid there wearing unmatched top and bottoms! 

Boots – there’s a pattern here I know and if you’ve been reading a while you will already know that I rarely buy myself things but I’m currently walking around in freezing cold weather and the sandshoes I wore in 30 degree heat in Florida three weeks ago so I NEED some winter boots a-sap!! 

Tripod – I’m still working on an area where I can vlog from with good lightening & background… you might have noticed but I would love a big heavy duty tripod for my new (ish!) Canon g7x Mark II. I have a bendy one and a small tripod but both are only good when sat on something – I need a floor standing tripod really.

Dooney and Bourke bag/purse: it’s only this year that I have really seen these (which is typical as the dollar rate is so poor right now!) but I LOVE them! I would’ve got one when we went to Walt Disney World this year but I’m not sure, if I got a bag, when I would actually use it. I would have to get one that went with every day stuff and I’m not sure which style or design that would be?! Because of that I think I would probably look at getting a small purse style Dooney…. if I could choose I would probably pick the sketch design … I love that design. I would have them all if money were no object but I think the sketch is beaut! I very much like the haunted mansion design tho – it’s a little dark but it more of an every day bag for sure. The Disneyana is fab for a trip 💜 but yea I think I’d got for a sketch purse.

I honestly do not know what I would do if I won the lottery…. this is probably the most adventurous and expensive wishlist you will have ever seen right? 😂 

Have you made a wishlist – feel free to share! 

Kirsty x

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