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Money…. it makes the world go round doesn’t it… I mean without it for example you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now!


Here I intend to share with you the ways in which I make money, save money and enjoy our money getting the best value at all times.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not your frugal type where we REFUSE to spend money, or we are constantly watching our smart meter to make sure we only use x-amount of electricity per day… I mean seriously who has time for that but if I can get the best value out of the money I have and earn then I am happy.

In the making money section of this website alone we talk about:

Mystery shopping

Flexible temporary part time jobs (while you shop!)


Matched betting

…and that’s to name just a few posts!

So be sure to check out the tabs above for hints and tips on not only making money but saving money too and making sure you’re getting the best value from your pennies.

You’ll also find various reviews on ways we as a family like to enjoy together but save money too so go check it out!