New Beauty and the Beast collection

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I have a confession…..

I am 30 years old (coming up to 31 but shussssh don’t tell anyone!) and i have only just in last couple of months seen the original Beauty and the Beast film !!!!!

After 7 trips to Walt Disney World, 1 trip to Disneyland, at no point ever meeting Belle barring at a character dining during out last trip 4 months ago, only twice sitting down to watch the Beauty and the Beast stage show and never EVER knowing the names of Mrs Potts, Chip or Luminere I am now officially a Beauty and the Beast fanatic !!!

I LOVE IT and I cannot wait to go see the film (something I NEVER EVER thought I would say in a million years!)

Although I loved ‘playing mum’ to those younger than me when i was little I never really played with dolls or prams, I had them as well as Cindys (the cheap version of a Barbie!) 😉 but I was more happy just roller blading, being a little over dramatic and doing Spice Girl shows but generally just being active.  Although not a tomboy (until I reached my teens!) my friends and neighbours my age growing up were all boys and we used to play cars, trucks in the driveway …. sometimes in a far from practical dress(!).  Then my younger brother came along when i was 7 and it was all about Pixar…. Toy Story, Bugs Life, Toy Soldiers, Cars so I don’t think i ever really experienced being a princess when i was younger; i never felt like a girly girl or felt i could actually be a Princess – i would love to don’t get me wrong..maybe thats why i didn’t feel as special as i maybe should’ve in my wedding dress because, and i’m putting it out there, i don’t feel pretty enough to be a princess… there it is i’ve said it !!

Anyway, my reason for this blog in the first place was to tell you how much I am currently in love with the whole new Beauty and the Beast range not to lumber you with all my problems 😉 so oh my days…… check some of these beauties out….

The new Disney Store’s Belle dress is devine – truly stunning.  They still have the original Belle dress in store too but that celebration dress though ….. just beautiful!


Disney Store Belle celebration dress


Disney Store Belle dress


Disney Store Belle costume shoes


Compact mirror

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 14.18.25.png

Fine China tea set

As much as I do actually like the new style Belle figurine, you can’t beat the original!


& although not a new item I couldn’t leave Luminaire out could I !?


Have you treat yourself to anything from the new range… i think i might have to purchase myself that cute compact mirror !!

Speak soon !

Kirsty x


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  1. Angela
    7th February 2017 / 18:58

    Beauty and The Beast is my all time favourite film. I can’t wait for the new film to come out. I really wanted to buy lumber and cogs worth last year in WDW but they were sold out everywhere with the nearest stock levels showing as Paris. Slight irony when we travelled so far. Still I look forward to buying them this year instead.

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