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What do you think of my new holiday shoes (shoesies as we call them with the kids!) …. total of £17 these babies!

I have quite wide feet so although I love the salmon coloured ones and I will probably keep them they show off the fattest part of my feet which isnt the most flattering but I guess we have the worse view of our feet don’t we from up above so no one else will probably notice 😉

I usually get my shoes from Primark to be fair but the shoes I have bought in the past from where I got these from (Matalan) have really lasted.  They’re really good quality so hopefully these too will last aslong as others from there I own.

The trainer style ones are quite a high fit so I’ll have to wear them in a little otherwise I’m pretty sure I will end up with blisters but I am determined to look and feel good this holiday so no pain no gain right 😂

I’m your typical british holiday maker on holiday vests, shorts and pumps and to be fair I aren’t usually that bothered what I look like but I think the older I’m getting (even though I have waaaay less time to spend on myself than ever before!) the more I’m wanting to take care of myself and feel good.  Typical isnt it when you have as much time in the world to yourself you don’t use it yet when its not there through trying to keep a house afloat, children, dogs, two jobs you miss it so if even if its just a nice pair of shoes at a bargain price that makes me feel sooo much better about myself.. as the saying goes #everylittlehelps right?

Speak Soon

Kirsty x

Ps oh by the way I got my new cozy girls but my boobs are just too big 😤 soooo gutted!! Glad it wasn’t too much money but can’t see me loosing weight any of those babies anytime soon 😂


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