New Virgin Atlantic sale!

Anyone on the hunt for flights at the mo..?

Well if you’re like me you’ll be on the hunt when you really don’t ‘need’ too 🙈

As you know from our previous blogs Virgin Atlantic are very much our preferred airline at this moment in time and have just announced that they are having a sale so anyone looking to jet off in the near future ensure you check them out!

Loads of prices online to and from various places but here’s just a screen grab of flights from Manchester, UK.

We haven’t experienced any other airlines as yet and as I’ve said before I wouldn’t hesitate in doing so in the future but right now non of them compare or come close to Virgin as far as value for money and ease with such young children at this moment in our lives with prams, nappy bags, bottles and car seats in tow!

So if you haven’t already checked out their sale then click here go go go!

Hope this helps,

Speak soon

K x

One Commnet on “New Virgin Atlantic sale!

  1. Having used both Virgin Atlantic and British airways to Orlando, we both agree Virgin is miles ahead! The service and helpful smiles are streaks ahead of British airways. It just really didn’t seem like they were bothered when we went BA, plus the food and overall service wasn’t that good at all, especially for such a big airline. We will always stick with Virgin now 🙂

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