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[TUTORIAL] Quick, easy & cheap microwaveable cake!

Whenever I crave something i almost never have it in the house… and when that cravings for something sweet I need that has to be the worst to try and get over!

Do you ever just fancy a piece of cake… be it at 3pm in the afternoon or for dessert?

Well around this time last year during vlogmas I did a chocolate Xmas pudding tutorial so although there are no vlogmas this year heres another foodie tutorial for you to try not only at Christmas but throughout the whole year. You don’t have to be a ‘baker’ …. honestly anyone can chuck this baby together!

So for this simple sponge cake you will need:

4 eggs

250g SR Flour

250g caster sugar

250g butter

Like any sponge cake; cream the butter and sugar until blended together.

Add the eggs one at a time – I like to whisk all the eggs in a cup before I add it to my mixture; it not only takes away the risk of shell going into your cake but I prefer to see my eggs all whisked together from the off instead of adding them separately.

When all lumps have gone and the mixture is smooth add the flour and fold it in gently.

Now here comes the fun bit….

Scoop the mixture into a dessert bowl – I added about 5 full teaspoons – you can add more or however much you want but we have it as a dessert and 5 teaspoons ends up being enough.

Stick it in the microwave for 1 min 30 second; once the time is up just double check the mixture (unlike a cake baked in the oven this cakes top won’t brown so its pretty normal it looks like a raw cake from beginning to end 😂). It’s extremely likely it will need another 30 seconds as the deeper your bowl the longer it will need.  If it still looks like there is raw mixture on the top or inside (poke it with a knife!) then stick it back in the microwave. It won’t do any harm sticking it in for another 15/30 seconds – as I say the deeper the bowl the longer it will need.

And there’s your microwaveable cake….!!

I love eating it warm but beware it will be HOT!  Either hot or cold it tastes goood!

I have also added jam to mine too before cooking AND after (picture after below) but as you can imagine the jam boils and it’s isn’t edible for a while so I’ve found it’s easier and safer to add it to it afterwards.

We also tend to put (what we called!) squeegy cream… on it too.

HINT – this mix will make about 5 small bowls of cake…. for less or more just use fewer/greater eggs and whatever your eggs weigh use the same in all the other ingredients for example if 2 eggs weigh 125g then use 125g or butter, sugar and flour 👍🏻

One thing I would love to try on the micro cake is Nutella … oooooo I bet that would be amazing!

Do let me know what topping you’ve decided to use and be sure to let me know what you think of this quick and easy sugar fix!

Kirsty x

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