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My little girls feet have been and still are sooo tiny for her age – she was walking around 11 months and she wasn’t even a shoe size!  I had no trouble getting shoes for my eldest as he was well into shoe sizes when he was in need of his first pair but even at 2 1/2 now H is still only a 5.5 bless her!

With both children I have gone to Clarks for their first shoes and even shoes beyond their first shoes!  We have an outlet about 45 minutes away from us and so I have even gotten a couple of pairs for H in the past at massively reduced prices too! Granted they’re maybe out of season ones but H or her friends are non the wiser and you know how much I like my bargains 😂

Because she is still so small there isn’t another high street store that I have found that do a soft thick soled comfortable boot style shoe – I didn’t want to get a cheap UGG inspired design shoe with soles as thin as paper so when I received a sales email off Clarks I decided to take a look.

A Tuesday before christmas I picked up up two new pairs of shoes for H … her first boot style shoes and oh my days they are sooooooo cute!!!!!!


I have never actually ordered from Clarks online before but it was very straight forward no issues whatsoever and could choose anywhere BUT an outlet to collect them from.

They were in literally 4 days after I had ordered them and went to collect them immediately. The only issue I could’ve potentially come across was when I went to collect the lady asked for me for some ID – I did have it with me luckily but I had no real reason to.  The email said just bring your email confirmation with no sign of having to provide any ID requirements. I mentioned it to the staff that there’s nothing in the email and I wholly accept it’s for security reasons (I wouldn’t have been happy if they gave away to someone else something that I paid for!) but I do hope they passed on my concerns to HQ; they probably have no idea what the actual email says so I felt it was worth mentioning.  I would hate for someone to try and save their time by using click and collect then having to traipse all the way back home because they won’t hand over their good without ID.

They checked them before we left the store and oh my days it was love at first sight!

I got them home and H immediately wanted to try a pair on; she put on the MaxiBounce First in Natutal Suede first.


These are sold with their patented ‘Max Spring FX’.  Without reading anything that would tell what it is you can tell just by looking at the shoes and feeling them they are sooo comfortable, soft and cushioned.  There’s a leaflet in the box that says the Max Spring FX shoes are specifically developed by their own experts and that underfoot gel cushions the foot and flexes with their natural movements. They are awesome and exactly what I have been looking for and needing for H.


They maybe aren’t the most sensible in colour that a 2 year old could wear in the Winter but they are going to be perfect when it’s dry, cold and crisp I’ve no doubt about it!

They aren’t that difficult to put on either; H did need some help but I can’t be the only parent out there that hates trying the put wellies on kids…. it either kills the tips of your fingers or the kids are wriggling that much it takes an age!  These are actually open on the back with the fastening on the reverse making them soooo easy to put on!

She’d been walking around the house in these for a good couple of hours with no issues whatsoever so we decided it was time to try the other ones we bought.

The other pair we got were called Juggle Zip First and I’m still not entirely sure why it has Zip in the name as they actually have no Zip on them!!? No worries though it makes no difference to us they still are sooooo darn cute!!


The pictures on Clarks website do not do these justice.. you can’t really see them on there but when you see them in real like they have the most amazing finish – where the colour is is like a beautiful glitter/shimmer effect. Truly gorgeous!


As I said these don’t have a Zip on them and like the other pair have a Velcro fastener (which is always a god send with small children!) but it also has a velcro but attached to the tongue of the shoe too which stops the tongue moving around when H is waking in them which I love! I have never seen anything like this before and although it’s such a small bit of detail it’s such a big deal …. I for one hate it when you walk and the tongue of the shoe starts slipping down the side; these babies are going nowhere! Excellent touch Clarks!


They also do these in pink which I am very tempted to get now that I have seen the finish on this blue – I love that they aren’t difficult to wear/put on tall high tops and nor are they trainers but they are somewhere in between and can be worn with leggings, jeans or skirt & tights!

I love BOTH of these style shoes; although I’m not the one wearing them I can tell they are both extremely comfortable for H, they are soft, they are not cheaply made and they are worth every penny!

I also failed to add (although you should know me by now!) that both of these pairs of shoes were actually half price at just £20 and £15 respectively! (the blue ones are actually now only £10!!)

So if you are looking for some kids or even adult shoes Clarks do actually have a really awesome half price sale on right now so be sure to go check them out!

Thanks for reading

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