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I will openly admit to being one of those persons, particularly since having children, that it takes A LOT and I mean A LOT as in wire hanging out the side of a bra and elastic snapped from my knickers for me to actually buy new underwear and, much to the dismay of my husband I anticipate, I never EVER buy any sexy lingerie that is for sure!

Just before Christmas I was very kindly gifted a piece of underwear from Hunkemoller – I felt it was time I started looking after my self care a bit more and so opted for the  Doutzen Allover Lace top. 

Having never ordered underwear offline before and being a European company, I was a little worried about sizing but Hunkemoller have a fab and very true to size size-guide on there and as a size 14; I opted for a large.

It arrived and it’s such a cute top!  I will be honest; I wasn’t expecting it to fit, I wasn’t expecting it to be sexy (on me!) but how wrong was I!? It’s soooo lovely, fit perfectly and is although not too revealing its revealing enough for it to be covered up but not (if you know what I mean!)

Humkemoller currently have a sale on and although the top I bought is currently out of stock it is reduced from £20 to just £7.50 alongside some really cute other sale items too so go check them out!

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