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Sky at long last are rewarding their loyal customers!

I can’t be the only one with friends boasting how much less than you they are paying for Sky and that their Mums, second cousins brother in law has managed to get another year free…

Nope it never happens to us either! But today Sky have released, within their My Sky app, a long awaited loyalty scheme where they are actually rewarding long serving customers.

Sky VIP offers four tiers of memberships based on how long a customer has been with Sky TV. Silver 0-3 years, Gold 3-8 years, Platinum 8-15 years and Black 15+ years.

Each tier gives even more new benefits, as well as access to the rewards in the previous levels and those customers who’ve been with Sky for more than 15 years will be able to access all of the exclusive rewards and benefits on offer including free Sky Q set up!

We are on the platinum level and even though there seems to be a few glitches on the app at the moment, amongst a few other offers it’s allowed us to see that we can get 2 tickets to various sporting events such as a Premier League game, a Super League Super 8’s game and various others! No guarantee you will get what you want but you can be put on a waiting list should some more become available.

It’s long overdue I feel Sky offering this to their customers though but better than never at all right?

What tier are you on? What specific benefits are you most happy to see and are going to take advantage of?

Thanks for reading and hope it’s been of use!

Kirsty x

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