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Started on my eBay reselling journey today!

Granted the stuff I have for sale at the moment are clothes that the kids have grown out of so not strictly reselling as yet but today I’ve been very inspired by @resellermum and @emmadrewinfo over on Instagran this morning to seriously consider looking more into the reselling market.

I’m not yet sure if i will have the time too either – i don’t think I will spend a day trailing the charity shops purely because I don’t have a day spare but the next time I pass one I will be popping in for sure. 

It took me quite a while to list the clothes this morning to be honest and I’m already thinking I’ll probably not get back much for the amount of time I’ve spent on it already but time will tell.

I really need to do some research on it and how you find out what’s actually selling etc but both Emma and Yola have rooms full of reselling gear so I’m pretty sure said information is available somewhere!

I really cannot afford to nor do I have the space to bring any more ‘junk’ into this house right now but I think I’m for sure on the way clearing out what I’ve already got right?

Do you resell on eBay? Or have any tips on doing so?

 I have already signed myself up for an additional £2.50 on one of these listings because I was finger clicking happy 😂 oops!!

Thanks for reading

Kirsty x

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  1. Good Luck! I have viewed a couple of videos on this subject and thought about giving it a go. Ben Fitzpatrick on Youtube is really good

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