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Legoland kids go free deal rest of year + 10% off!

It’s been probably 20 years since I last went to Legoland to be fair so I’m probably not the best to ask what it’s like but having been to Alton Towers with both Zac and Harper I think year before last I like to think I have a good idea of what a British theme park is like with children…… ‘not Florida’.

That’s pretty much it… it’s not Florida!

I just can’t help but compare things from value for money (yes Florida is expensive on the face of it but the value for money and the amount of times you can visit the theme parks is amazing!), the food, the areas, the rides, the cleanliness everything! It’s impossible to not!

There has been absolutely nothing wrong with any theme park we’ve visited in the UK; as I say we’ve done Alton Towers, Flamingo Land and Drayton Manor and they were all fab and only a couple of hours away max! Great for a little fix!

Legoland I would love to go back to but it’s just so far away! Again I’ll be like ‘gosh we could be in Florida right now’ *can’t help it!* BUT having recently spoke to, read a friends blog on it and found this fab deal I’m very tempted! Have you been before or are you a regular? What did you think?

I would love to go back to London and so would probably make a weekend of it at somepoint but maybe when Harper’s a little older… don’t mind walking but I don’t fancy taking a pram on the tube! I would also probably want to stay nearby for ease – we stayed onsite at Alton Towers and it was fab being right there! Not sure if I could jusify the price as yet but it would be a lot easier than traipsing to and from hotels on buses or in car. (We got a fab deal from Alton Towers by the way – I think it was a Sun offer!)

Thought this might be of use to someone still on their summer holidays looking for something to do with the kids … here  is my friends blog too who you want a read (she’s a Florida nut too btw!) 😆

Speak soon

K x

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  1. Thanks Kirsty!! it took us 7 hours to get home because of a crash, I kept saying to rich another 1.5 hours and we would be in Orlando!! lol x

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