Swim shoes are a MUST !!

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I have been popping into pretty much any  Sports Direct I have seen on my travels for more of these bad boys… Its only been in the last few weeks have they started coming through and onto the shop floor though… I was starting to get a little worried if I’m honest because they were without a doubt last year our best pre-holiday purchase and to not have any more on future travels would’ve been really disappointing!


Harper obviously wasn’t walking last trip but for our next one I will be 100% getting her these Frozen ones they are sooo cute! Zac will probably end up going for the Spiderman ones given the fact he is Marvel mad at the moment and last years will probably be a bit small for him now…. obviously the fact our next trip is going to be a surprise one for the kids isn’t ideal from a parents point of view when preparing for a holiday as I am having to be really careful when I’m buying things or asking him what he would like/prefer. I tried on a fab big floppy hat in Primark the other day and Alex asked me when i would wear it… without thinking i just said Castaway Cay and straight away realised he was stood within a foot of me! Luckily he didn’t hear me or if he did he didn’t twig(!) but its just a matter of time before I trip up because I can’t help but talk about it!

Anyway back to the shoes (you will find I go off on a tangent throughout these blogs… thats why sometimes blogs are better than vlogs because you would be sat here all day if I was to film this 😂) they really were a god send.. the kids used them in the Curious George water splash areas of Universal Studios (I know people do but I couldn’t imagine letting the kids run around there barefooted!) and obviously in the two Walt Disney World Resort water parks.  The floor this time around was a lot hotter than it was when we first went with my eldest in March 2012 so these shoes really helped not only when in the water but also just walking around from one ride to the next.

Even I had some! The pink ones! They were really quite comfy – I would recommend trying them on if you can as if they are too big then they may rub – they do get tighter to your feet though when they are wet but I imagine if they are too waay to big to start off with you could get blisters!

If you can wait for the holiday season to be over you may even be lucky enough to grab some in the sale …. no joke my eldests shoes were 99p at the end of 2014 and mine I think just £1.49…. quite ridiculous if you ask me! I don’t think we are going to be able to leave it as late this year to get some though as we are going the last week in October – I’m not sure if I will chance them not having any in so close to the holiday!

Anyway that’s it for now… I am currently sat at a screaming 5 year olds part-ay writing this!

Hope that helps; speak to you soon!

Kirsty x



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