On the hunt for swimsuits for my mummy tummy & sugar hips !!

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So there is just 4 months to go until our next break away…. we are heading across the pond again to Walt Disney World only this time instead of there being a few extra pounds in my case; I’m heading over with a few extra pounds on my hips (errrr and ass!) !!

You will know if you follow our family vlogs over on YouTube that although the first 6 months of the years started really really well (mentally!), I signed up to a gym on the 31 December last year and went religiously  for a good 6 months…. until the 6 weeks school holidays when it just all went to pot mainly because of childcare and the fact I WANTED to spend that period of time and summer with my children.

Come returning to school in September, I think I went just once…. that’s it and I haven’t been seen by the gym since – I’ve just totally lost the desire which I am truely gutted with because I have no doubt it helped with my mental health 100% but because the location of my gym is not really en route to where I go anymore it’s very easy to avoid because it’s just not as practical as it was.

Did you see the underwear shoot I did last month for the Daily Mail?  If not feel free to check out my vlog from the day below but it was upon being invited to this that I thought I really need to embrace and be proud of what I’ve got.  I’m not overly confident at looking at myself in photos and videos but I know things aren’t going to change overnight, I don’t have every day or night free now I have two children nor do I have weekends available, I have to accept that the two healthy children I have brought into this world is the reason for my body (well those two buggers and Nutella!) and I honestly wouldn’t change that for the world (well maybe for a lay in or two pleassssse !?) 😉

As I mentioned we are going away in April, and again because I aren’t a fan of looking at myself in pictures I at least want to make sure I feel good about myself particularly around the swimming pool so I have been recently looking around for some new womens swimwear… some nice looking tummy control swimsuits or ones that compliment my shape a little more than my usual cheap Sports Direct Slazenger ones!

I love this skirted wrap style swimsuit – I’m thinking it will cover my hips and bum up and with it being dark on the bottom and coloured on the top it will draw the attention away from my sugar hips!?

This is beaut!  I love this – and it has tummy control too!  Only thing is I’m not sure its practical for water parks… it’s a really smart, sophisticated, beautiful swim suit oh and if I ended up with tan lines to the shape of it, it would drive me mad!!

The colours of this is absolutely beaut!  I think the panel style is really flattering and it’s ruched fabric disguises your tummy a bit too doesn’t it?!

I for sure need to go on the hunt sales shopping and try ones on in somewhere other than my usual sports shop!  Would love to hear what you think of these too?

Thanks for reading

Kirsty x

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