Why choose me?

As I’ve already mentioned, I have been working in the administration department for one of the biggest public sector and government employer for over 12 years.  Working to deadlines/targets, having a right first time attitude and being responsible for my own time has become a daily occurrence.

In my ‘spare time’ we family vlog over on YouTube and have done so for the past 6 years so I am extremely familiar with YouTube as a platform from both a creators point of view AND brands too.  I have the ability and experience to enhance a channels search and discovery potential on YouTube as well as having extremely extensive knowledge of video editing.  Since 2015 I’ve also owned and ran my own blog at www.s670934711.websitehome.co.uk too so in addition to my existing admin experience; blogging has allowed me to gain an extremely comprehensive knowledge on the designing of WordPress websites, dealing with plugins, SEO as well as graphic design, social media management, diary management & media pack creations.

That’s why at the beginning of 2018 I chose to branch off even further and start as a freelance virtual assistant at HLDNmedia.net.

It’s already allowed me to not only offer my skills award winning bloggers, brands and businesses as a freelance Executive Assistant but also meet and speak with some absolutely amazing inspiring bloggers and creative writers.

Emma Drew: founder and owner of emmadrew.net is a currently client of mine of which I am working with to bring into line old blog posts with her new theme/branding who says that…

‘Working with Kirsty has been a breeze! She was able to quickly grasp what I asked of her, and has been able to tackle the job whilst reporting in regularly and making sure that I was still happy with the quality of the work. I have loved working with Kirsty and have increased her workload based on the quality she has delivered.

Why would I need an Executive Assistant?



Let’s not overcomplicate this. Removing something from your to-do list means you’ll have more time in your day. That’s where the fun begins…

An Executive/Virtual Assistant also has the ability to work extremely flexibly.  I personally do not have any set hours of work as I do have my children to work around as I’ve already mentioned but don’t let that put you off;  I don’t need to physically be present and clock in and out at a certain time, I don’t need to be out of the office at 6pm because they are locking the doors; I can continue my work into the early hours of morning because I’m not confined to 4 walls or the laws of time or space…. meaning I could potentially be there for you 24/7 !



Let’s say on average you earn £75/hour…. by you doing the menial yet important jobs that need doing in your own time; its restricting you and probably means you won’t be earning whilst you are sorting out your graphics, replying/deleting spam emails or preparing spreadsheets right? …. source things out to you Virtual assistant so the jobs that can’t be done by anyone else i.e the money making jobs.. can be done by you!

Not only will it allow you to concentrate on other parts of your business but it will also save you money by hiring on an ad hoc freelance basis.  You needn’t worry about getting me a desk (I have my own) you needn’t worry about paying any insurances for me (again I have my own) and also why pay and contract someone for 40 hours per week when realistically you only need them for 20?  Having the flexibility to customize the amount you use an Assistant at any point ensures you are only paying for what you need.

Although I would hate to say goodbye; it’s a lot easier to ‘get rid’ of a VA too over a salaried member of staff.  We are freelance/self employed so you don’t have to worry about PAYE, overheads, holidays or sick pay; you will be charged for the time spent on the work I do for you!

We do offer ad-hoc services payable from £13/hour but if you know you are going to need me for x-amount of time; you can also save money by buying your hours in bulk.  I offer a free 30 minute Virtual Assistant consultation for all new clients where we can assess your requirements and give you a rough idea of how long things are going to take.

If you do have any other questions then feel free to drop me a message at va@hldnmedia.net – I would love to talk and if you do want to take a look at some of my previous work you can do so below:

Rich Sayers; founder & owner of onehullofadad.com has recently undertook one of my newest addition to my services; a blog audit. 

Kirsty has really helped shed some light on areas of my blog that I have simply been missing. It’s great to have a fresh pair eyes look at your blog from a design perspective. Kirsty also got back to me very quickly and has been professional throughout.


David Shaul; founder & owner of dadvworld.com another fellow blogger who has also very recently received his blog audit ‘to do list’ and is working on it as we type!

As a Blogger it’s all to easy to forget to audit your blog or even worse, audit your blog with your same old eyes over and over! Kirsty gave me a fresh outlook to my blog offering constructive advice that will enhance my blogs user experience and traffic flow. Fresh ideas from a fresh pair of eyes can only ever be beneficial to your blog. Kirsty is knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly forward thinking meaning the advice offered will have an effect on your blog/business. I can 100% recommend Kirsty, it helps she’s a great person too!

I would love to hear from you if you too are requiring some assistance with your website just drop me a message…