The time has come to let go…. selling on eBay & donating to charity shops

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I’ve kept pretty much everything the kids have had bought in the past 5 years from big activity bouncers to small rattles, from clothes still housing baby stains (not poo stains I will add!) to even bottles!

Well the time has come now to start getting rid and consider selling on ebay or otherwise… we just can’t house anymore and I’m sooooo sad!

Although we both always said we only wanted two kids the feeling of having all this stuff still under our roof allowed me to think after Harper ‘well if we do end up having another we still have it all and won’t need to buy anything’ …. not that we ever would but it just made me happy to think we were prepared if we ever woke one morning and changed our mind.

After Zac I was petrified of having another.. the worry of whether we were able to have another, the worry of carrying a baby, the worry of how I was going to cope with two of the little buggers 😉 the worry of giving birth…. the lot! I am a worrier and it’s only gotten worse after kids…. I think my mind realises now there is something worth worrying about instead of the pointless things I used to (and still do tbh!) worry about in the past!

After I had Harper I wanted to do it all again!!!! The pregnancy, the birth the everything…. but I think I only thought like that because I knew she was going to be my last baby 😩

As of today I would have loads of babies if I didn’t have a job, we had a cleaner, if I had a maid, if I had an inhouse babysitter/nanny …. I will be so upset if we win the lottery after I’ve gone through the menopause 😂

I must tell you both of my birth stories before it just ends up mush in this brain of mine because they were both very different but again I digress and go way of topic ….. and as i’m writing this typically the kids are playing with everything I’m getting out … things they haven’t played with since they were babies 😭

I’m going to give ebay reselling a go I think.. I’m going to take a lot of the stuff to charity shops things that can’t be posted but clothes that I just bagged up after my first i’m going to attempt to sell on ebay.  There are some decent stuff in there but I will have work out what’s more time consuming… eBay/paypal also charge to sell items so chances are I will just end up taking the majority to the Charity shop and letting them profit from it.

So that’s what I’m doing today… initially digging out all old rattles, tummy time pads, activity tables and building blocks and I’m officially getting rid 😩 it pains me but I have to accept that we can’t keep everything and in order to move forward and move bedrooms and grow the amazing little family we have been blessed with I have to let it go! ⛄😉

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