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Thomas Cook Airlines LA sale…


Just having a browse on the old tonight and i came across a few tweets saying Thomas Cook seem to be having quite a neat little sale on flights to and from Los Angeles… quite fitting as today is Thanksgiving too (not sure if connected or even an actual sale but a big coincidence if not!).

Seeing it also reminded me that I really must do a West Coast blog from our trip waaaaay back so tonights blog is very much my #notetoself !!

If you didn’t know Thanksgiving is a very VERY big holiday over in the States; one that i would LOVE to experience at some point in my life but maybe not just yet with small children #chaos !!  I’ll stick with my Thanksgiving Sunday lunch for now 😉

Well even though we don’t plan on going anywhere for a good couple of years i couldn’t help but do a big of digging to see just what i could find and they weren’t wrong…
1 – 13 May 2016; Manchester to Los Angeles; £300 each!

or if you just fancy a cheeky week….

6-13 May 2016; Manchester to Los Anglenes; £300 each!

or even just 5 days….

15-20 May 2016; Manchester to Los Angeles: £300 each!

These prices also include baggage and meals though which is awesome !!

You can pay an extra £20, £30 or £60 to choose your seats (the more you pay the more room you get pretty much) but if you are happy to wait until check in to be seated then its really not necessary to pre book your seats in my opinion.

Alex and I visited the West Coast during December 2008 and oh my days it was amazing.. !!  Prior to then neither of us had visited anywhere but Florida so we were a little wary going somewhere new AND we used public transport throughout but it was absolutely fine and we had an amazing trip – I must do a blog post on it because there is sooooo much to talk about including our trip to Disneyland, our Vegas flight delay due to snow IN VEGAS(!) and Christmas in NYC…. ahhhh how i would love to go back to NYC for xmas but I bet May in Los Angeles is beautiful !!



I’ve mentioned before we have never actually flown with Thomas Cook before – its not that we won’t, or that we have something against them its just our last couple of trips with very young children and the baggage we carry (car seats and prams in tow); Thomas Cook have only recently allowed all the additional stuff we end up taking to be taken NOT as part of your baggage allowance and they now transport a push chair and car seat for free.  They didn’t used to do this hence why we haven’t used them before or at least their baggage explanations online weren’t as clear as they are now but you can defiantly take both now if in relation to the child travelling (whoever would attempt to lug around or take a pram or car seat for the fun of it with no kids in tow is craaaaaazy!) 😉

Hope this helps someone… and make sure you let me know if you end up booking !!






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