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Travelling to Florida with a baby!

Today i’m going to talk about doing what many think is probably one of the most stressful part of being a parent; travelling with a baby!

Everyone would love to do it but aside from the obvious cost implications and probably initially asking the question; is it worth taking a baby under one to Florida..?

Yes.. Yes it is !!!!

‘They won’t remember it..’ is probably the main thing you will here from others… those who do say that are likely to be someone who has never taken a child to disney.

I saw this statement not that long ago and can’t think of a better way to put it…

Those that say to not take a baby to Disney has NEVER taken a baby to disney!!

…I guarantee that will be the case!!!

Yes they are not wrong in that its likely they won’t but if like us you vlog it or even if you don’t YOU as a parent will remember it for the rest of your life! YOU will remember your babies  face when she first met Tinkerbell..! YOU will remember your babies  first haircut in the Main Street Barbers … granted they won’t but they will absolutely LOVE it at the time i’ve no doubt about it!

Now is travelling with a baby as scary as you think its going to be..? NO! And it is worth every grey hair! (She says now!!!) 😂

We have had two very different experiences though having taken both Zac and Harper at such a young age on such a long Virgin Atlantic flight.  Both children outbound were fine.. probably as it was a day flight. I remember Zac’s nap time being around the same time as departure so we tried to keep him up and doing something until we got on the plane; he fell asleep after his mid morning bottle before we had even begun to taxi to the runway! We took plenty of little treats for him to open throughout he flight; stickers was the main thing he took a shine too because he hadn’t really seen them before so they entertained him for quite a while. We did the same with Harper but she didnt have as a good sleeping routine as Zac did so we did try to get her to go to sleep not long after take off but she was having none of it… that was the only bit of ‘kicking off’ we had with Harper to be fair and that was our fault 🙄 she fell asleep about 3/4 hours in if i remember rightly.

Now one of the BIG tips i will say and what i swore by with both children is that because both were crawling i made sure i didn’t let them know they could crawl around on the floor. Now that might seem mean; but once they realise they can crawl down the aisle they will want to do it all the time so trying to tell a <1 year old to come sit down when food/drink is being served or theres some turbulance is really hard if they have already ‘been let free’ if you like. Nearer the end of the flight we let them roam a little but it was purely because we knew if they did scream when it wouldn’t be for long. Also we found that when they were strapped in the seat they had the understanding that, like in a car, they COULDN’T get out so thats another thing to bare in mind.

Now financial wise it should seem quite practical as your holiday will probably never be as cheap again as once your child turns 2 you will have to pay for them a seat on the plane (obviously you can choose to under 2 if you wish but if you do they WILL be on your knee for take off and landing for safety reasons) then when they turn 3 they will also need park tickets so make the most of it I say !!  Thats one of the main reasons we went with both of them so young because we could – we didn’t need a seat for them, they could stay in a cot in the room we stayed in so no need to worry about getting a big suite or anything like that, we didn’t need to buy them food out there (I took plenty of Cow & Gate jars for both of them, weetabix and porridge for breakfast and obviously their milk) and you don’t need to pay for a park ticket for them.

Granted they can’t go on many rides but you will be really surprised how many rides and attractions they can actually go on at Walt Disney World… check out this link for a full list of attractions just alter the age interest filter to ‘preschooler’ and the height to ‘any height’.

Without a doubt the Walt Disney water park with the best area for small children has to be Blizzard Beach.  The pool itself in Typhoon Lagoon i do feel is better but the Tikes Peak area in Blizzard Beach is fab.  Obviously both have your lazy river too which is great to lazy around 🙂 just don’t forget your swim shoes !!

Check out next weeks blog where i will discuss the pros and cons of the various UK based airlines whilst travelling with children.

Hope this helps & if you have any questions on travelling with a baby then feel free to drop me a comment below and i will try by best to answer it as soon as possible; speak soon !

Kirsty x

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