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Walt Disney World trip must haves…… character autographs !!

You’re going to Walt Disney World…. you’re going to be meeting characters¬†and chances are¬†you’re going to be getting yourself (i mean your children!) an autograph book right??

Well pen wise i’m telling you know don’t waste your money on getting that big fat biro that sits perfectly along side your autograph book on the sales counter … it won’t last 5 minutes !

Within a few days mainly due to the grease from the suncream you’ll no doubt be using but also water, food, drink; the stickers and a whole layer of the pen¬†started peeling off … by the end of the holiday it looked like a regular ‘blue’ biro with no sign of Walt Disney World whatsoever and certainly not a nice souvenir you could keep in your memory box forever…. i just wanted to get rid!

This last trip we got actually got a big pack of Sharpies and there is absolutely no way we will be going back whatsoever to regular biros now – these are amazing !

Not only do they look fab but the characters will love you for them too – although they are ‘fine’ they are thicker than a biro, are a felt tip AND permanent so won’t fade.

The characters want to spend time with you;¬†they won’t be wanting to mess about with a small fiddly biro you can hardly see and will be very grateful too of the size of them – don’t forget those paws and four¬†fingered hands can’t make writing the easiest of things to do.

mini sharpies from The Range

You can just get single ones from the likes of Hobbycraft for around £1.50ea, a 4 pack MINI from The Range [pictured] which are sooo cute and have this little keyring type thing on them too OR you can push the boat out and do an us and buy a MASSIVE 23 pack with a whole range of cool colours and just fill your boots !!


Ok so 23 might seem a little excessive to some but it totally depends what you’re wanting them for to be fair – the kids autographs book do look fab as we colour co ordinated the characters with their signatures, we also took a blank plain white vinylmation on the Disney Cruise with us on our last trip that we had to leave at Guest Services so we just left them a load of pens too and it looked fab by the time characters had finished with it.

Honestly, don’t knock them until you’ve tried it even if you’re not as crazy and as OCD as us just buy a couple of single black ones and you will be so glad you did – the autograph books will be have so much more character to them and again the characters will love you for the them (just don’t forget to pass them the autograph book OPEN rather than closed!)

Check out the Walt Disney World website here for locations of all character meet and greets

Hope this helps !!

Speak soon





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