Which suncream…?

So i popped into Morrisons yesterday as i saw their advert on TV advertising 3 bottes of Nivea for £10 which i thought was a fab deal!  Unfortunately they had very few left 🙁 we just didnt need 3 bottles of the high factored suncream and thats all the had left on the shelves.

I have heard of people recently buying unbranded ones (well at least those not as popular as the leading brands anyway!)  and there been pictures of children on social media getting awful burns from it so even though its something i would always do anyway to ensure full protection i will most certainly this year go with one of the leading brands out there.

Last year on our Florida trip we used Garnier Ambre Solaire and it was fab – none of us burned whatsoever! (I did on my wedding day mind but totally wasn’t thinking about suncream that morning!) 

I do not recommend the clear protect spray they do either enough… its fab! 

I remember on our first trip with children we had suncream but actual cream and because Zac was in his pram alot we just put it on when he was in there most of the time.  Unfortunately we found it extremely easy for the cream to come off your hands and his legs and onto his pram – his pram was not a nice sight as the holiday went on i tell you! A greasy horrible stained mess! It did come out but it took a while!

As you probably know Harper was in her pram for the majority of her first trip too however we had the clear spray this time and it was fab! We had hired our pram on our last trip from Kingdom Strollers so were already quite concious it wasnt ours but luckily we had no issues whatsoever with causing any stains or marks on the pram when using the spray it was fab!

My crazy children love suncream.. at the minute we are experiencing a very hot spell here in the north of England and they’re forever bringing me the suncream … i just cannot wait for some offers to start popping up on the sprays. 

Although these are good offers..i’m keeping my fingers crossed they do the same bargains as last year as they were on sale around £3!!! I tend to keep my eyes peeled on Hot UK Deals for things like this too its something that someone always posts about 👍🏻 as i cant remember where i got ours from last year 🙁

Speak soon

Kirsty x

One Commnet on “Which suncream…?

  1. Hi kirsty
    Why don’t u just buy 3 bottles of high factor cream to get the offer and then exchange them for lower factors when they r back in store

    That’s what I would do 😂

    Laura xx

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