The weekly vlog 2016 #17

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Evening allll….

Just dropped by to say our new #WWDW is upppp!

I’ve been a bit slack on the old uploading of late through no real fault of my own … i have all the footage but just finding time to edit has been pretty much non existent but its here!!!

This weeks episode is of when we took a drive to Junction 32 at Castleford. It’s our nearest outlet style shopping ‘centre’ and we go quite often to be fair. It is located right next to an Xscape too which surprisingly (other than having to go to TGI Fridays pretty much everytime we visit) we havent actually visited any of the shops or fab attractions inside Xscape before 🙊 I would love to go skiing but will probably wait until Harper is older and we can all go as a family.

Actually I tell a lie we have once gone into the soft play; when me and Zoe went ‘looking’ for wedding dresses the boys took the kids to play but this trip we only nipped in for our free starbucks and left straight away!

We grabbed Harper a new pair of shoes from the Clarks outlet this trip.. her first pair or sandal style shoe 🙂 she has the smallest feet! She was walking before she was even near a shoe size which wasnt ideal as obviously we couldnt get her any nice hard soled shoes she could go outside in because they didnt start doing them until a size 3! Shes now only just a 4 bless her and shes just turned 2!

It was this week we also had a little visitor! Flopsy is a rabbit all the children in Zacs class takes home at least once during the year for the weekend. We had to document his travels so of course we made a video for Zac to look back on 🙂

Anyway if you havent already seen this weeks video already it it can be found here so go check it out 🙂

Speak soon

Kirsty x


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  1. Laura
    13th July 2016 / 23:00

    Hi kirsty
    You should buy a few blank art canvases, the ones you can hang on the wall. If you paper them in the stone pattern paper it would keep it to a small area but tranquil to look at. Might be a happy compromise
    Great video
    Laura xo

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