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Who is The Money Saving Mum?

Hi I’m Kirsty; a married, 30+ year old British mum based in the north of England. Before I had children I worked full time for the MoJ. Once my eldest came along I reduced my hours at work and started looking at alternative ways to up my income. I was a home baker for a few years then went into the wedding industry hiring out decor however it was eating into quality family time given the majority of wedding and parties were on a weekend; I managed for a few years but it was very difficult to sustain.

My second child came along 3 years later (totally planned as my eldest was then eligible for the 3 year funding!) but shortly after returning to work my eldest went to preschool and I had to reduce my hours even further due to him soon reaching 5 and being unable to go to a private nursery during school holidays. The only alternative was a childminder but I didn’t want every single penny I earned going towards childcare. This meant I had to look at more ways to create an income and make more savings in our day to day life.

Being the red tagged lady I am (and always have been!), a drugstore gal, a high street mum and a savvy saver all rolled into one, 2016 saw the start of this blog. It was a way to make myself even more accountable for the money I had to start saving. Now I had to really had to look at where I was spending, what I was spending on, where I could save and how I could save more.

If there’s something I buy for myself it’s very very rarely full price I just can’t stomach it because I’m just not used to it, however I know that sometimes I have to and once I’ve done it I feel proud because I’ve done something for me!

I also don’t have an issue paying full price for something if I feel like 1) I am getting good value for money 2) it is going to help me or my family or 3) it is worth it’s weight in gold for whatever reason. I am not someone who asks for something for free, or haggles a discount… I am a bargain hunter through and through there’s no getting away from it but I also know that people are trying to run a business too.

Cutting back on certain elements, shopping at alternative supermarkets or saving money in the places we do save; allows us to spend in the places we want to spend hence why I too have a travel section on here.

Saving on our utility bills, car insurance or food shopping for example allows us to have the most amazing memorable holidays abroad… it’s all about prioritising and ensuring you are managing your money correctly.

Vlog style videos

In addition to the blog and something that I have been doing for many MANY years prior to The Money Saving Mum was vlog style videos over on YouTube.

Although the majority of videos are now travel related, we do talk about way to save throughout our trips and also create content solely for inclusion in blog posts too.

What will i get from The Money Saving Mum?

Here at The Money Saving Mum you will find me sharing ways I save money, ways I make money, the websites I use, Cashback apps and basically how me and my family exist month in month out.

I also provide reviews on things I feel are relevant to both myself, my family and you the readers.. and always include a money saving tip within each and every one.

If you don’t follow me already over on our social media channels then feel free to drop me a link via the links to the left of this page and be sure to tag me in any of your bargains!

I’m always posting quick hits particularly on Instagram so be sure to head across there right now and follow ūüôā you never know what I might come across on my travels!

Speak soon,

Kirsty x

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About The Money Saving Mum

About The Money Saving Mum

I've always been financially savvy but when the kids came along I needed to up my game! Our finances and priorities changed overnight and it felt like I was spending money as if it was going out of fashion! I needed to start earning extra money just to make ends meet and continuously make sure we got the most out of every single penny we had! Sound familiar? Keep reading... I'm sharing my story to help people like you!