Hi I’m Kirsty; a married, 30+ year old British mum based in the north of England.

I have been ‘YouTube-ing’ since 2014 when we started posting videos of our vacations to Florida.  Since then, although our Florida trips still remain a massive part of our channel, for the last 3 years we have also started to introduce family style daily vlogging.

Over the year’s I’ve mentioned a lot over on our YouTube channel, particularly in relation to our Florida trips and during clothes hauls etc, that I am very VERY thrifty!  I am a red tagged lady, a drugstore gal, a high street mum, a savvy saver… always have been always will be and if there’s something I buy for myself it’s very very rarely full price I just can’t stomach it! I am a bargain hunter through and through!  

Now don’t get me wrong though I don’t have an issue paying full price for anything if I feel like I am getting good value for money…. and that’s where The Money Saving Mum came from.

I do think now though that saving money has become a slight addiction for me to be fair but since returning to work from having my youngest on reduced hours and having to cut right back on my own business as it just no longer works for our family; if I do want things for myself I pretty much HAVE to live like this so I know no other way of doing so… as I have very little choice in the matter!

Here at The Money Saving Mum you will find me sharing not only the ways I make money, the ways I save money, the websites I use, the cashback apps I use and pretty much how I and my family exist month in month out but also reviews on various things I feel are of interest to both myself, my family and/or our brand such as hotel reviews, restaurant reviews and family days out too!

Feel free to share any of your bargains with me through any of our social media channels too (links to the top of this page!) as you know if you already follow us anywhere I’m always on there posting quick hits as when I come across things so head on over there right now and drop us a thumbs up or like as you never know what I might come across on my travels!

I do post money saving style vlogs over on our YouTube channel too albeit many tend to be mentions within our daily vlogs but feel free to pop on over and click that red subscribe button if you want to see more!

Thanks for reading!

Speak soon,

Kirsty x

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