Money Saving Tips For Families

All the best money saving tips from my family to yours!

There’s no getting away from the fact that raising a family is expensive so if you’re looking for some of the most simplest and easy ways to start saving money you’ve come to the right place!

Here you will find tons of useful money saving tips from reducing your utility bills and saving money at the supermarket right through to holding events on a budget. All will contribute to reducing your outgoings and save money on household expenses.

How to Save Money On Bills

Reducing your outgoings is the easiest & quickest way to save money. Here's where you can take some inspiration on how to reduce your household expenses.

Saving Money on Travel

Seeing the world doesn't have to be expensive here's how you can save when travelling and get the most from your money!

Save money on events

Birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas and weddings... here's all the tips to save on your events.

Perhaps you just want to start taking control of your family budget a little more or you may just want more money to spend or invest elsewhere… whatever your reason for wanting to save money and spend less while raising a family; you’re in the right place!

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Affordable Activities

Inclusive of my complete guide on how to eat out for cheap amongst tons of other way to save on fun!

make the most of reward schemes

There are tons of reward schemes out there but which is the best and who offers what?

Investing in your own Health and wellbeing

Investing in yourself whether it is financially or mentally is one of the best return on investments you can have.

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WHo is The Money SAving Mum?

It’s me! Kirsty, mother of 2 and wife (of one!) from Yorkshire, UK.

I’ve always been financially savvy and watched the pennies but when the kids came along I needed to up my game! A reduction in wage due to childcare expenses made it feel like we were drowning yet spending money like it was going out of fashion on clothes that the kids grew out of in a matter of months, childcare and nappies! I needed to earn extra money to make ends meet and tried to make sure we get the most out of every single penny we had.  Very little has changed as far as expenses are concerned now they’re older… there are just other priorities! These days it’s out of school school activities that cost a bomb, food shopping and expensive ‘must wear’ school uniforms right?

Sound familiar? If you are wanting to be more frugal, thrifty or just feel like you need to change your money habits you’re in the right place.. because that’s exactly what I’m doing too!

Looking for ways to not only save money but actually make more too?

Be sure to check out my sister site over at Money Making Mum where I can also help you do just that!