Hey everyone… welcome to my blog!

For those that don’t already know me (and I’m not saying you should… hell I’m no celeb but I know some of you may have found this page via our family youtube channel...!) I am Kirsty; a married, 30 year old British mum based in the north of England.

I have been ‘you tubing’ regularly since 2014 when we started posting videos of our vacations to Florida. Since then, although our Florida trips still remain a massive part of our channel, for the past 2 years we have also started to introduce family style weekly vlogging and in April 2016 I decided to start the www.moneysavingmum.com

Before I made the leap and decided to add a ‘blogging’ string to my bow in addition to being producer and editor of our family vlogging channel; I wanted to make sure I was blogging about something that comes naturally to me…..I didn’t want to just make things up as I went along or get in a rut whereby I felt I HAD to write about something… anything(!) just something!

Being honest, it didn’t take me that long to decide… I thought about things I am good at; what do I do every single day of my life and what do I HAVE to do in my day to day life; it was from there that I decided there was only one route I should take…

You may have noticed me mention on previous vlogs over on our YouTube channel, particularly in relation to our Florida trips and during clothes hauls, that I am very VERY thrifty!

I am a red tagged lady, a drugstore gal, a high street mum, a savvy saver… if there’s something I buy for myself it’s very very rarely full price I just can’t stomach it! I am a bargain hunter through and through!  Now don’t get me wrong though I don’t have an issue paying full price for anything if I feel like I am getting good value for money…. that’s the key for me.

It is a slight addiction for me to be fair but since returning to work from having my youngest on reduced hours and having to in the last year cut right back on my own business and pretty much close it as it just no longer works for our family anymore; if I do want things for myself I pretty much HAVE to live like this.. I have very little choice!

Here on themoneysavingmum.com you will find me sharing a lot more of the bargains I get, the bargains that are out there, the ways I make money, the ways I save money, the websites I use, the cashback apps I use and pretty much how I exist month in month out!

Feel free to share any of your bargains with me through any of our social media channels too as i’m always on there posting quick hits as when I come across things I HAVE to share with you so head on over there right now as you never know what I might come across on my travels!

I really hope my blog helps anyone in the same boat as me or anyone just wanting to save for a rainy day can’t wait to start this new adventure with you all so make sure you also subscribe for instant notifications of new blog posts too 🙂 and if you don’t already then feel free to follow our family over on our youtube channel too – I have some themoneysavingmum.com vlogs on there too so go check it out….

Phew now all that social media plugging is over with 😉 I will just close by saying I can’t promise there won’t be just a couple of blog posts totally unrelated to money saving …. i’m a Mum after all so my blog will be very much on the boundary of a money saving / mummy / lifestyle blog 🙂

Speak soon,

Kirsty x



DISCLAIMER: You may find within this blog and other channels of ours that there are some links that are affiliated links... everyone we mention in our blogs/vlogs are companies that we have had dealings with in the past and that we are actually in a position to personally comment on; we are NOT a monetised blog as such however please note by clicking on certain links it may allow a [very] small amount commission be paid to us to help us bring you what we do (but don't worry I promise it won't cost you a penny!) :)

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